Thursday, January 19, 2012

Birth Story [there is TMI]

Since Jaedyn is a month, I can't help but think I still haven't updated my blog. Man, I feel like this is the first time I got a chance to come on the computer. Jaedyn, right now, for the most part, is content. I am going to try and keep this as short as possible.... Who am I kidding? I have a month or so of catching you guys up!

My "last" doctor's appointment was on Thursday December 15th. The doc checked me and said that I was between 3 and 4 centimeters and in what is considered early labor. She said she'd be surprised if I made it to my due date [the 19th]. She stretched my cervix and said it could be anywhere between 24-48 hours. She also wanted to schedule an induction date. She didn't think it was necessary, being as she didn't think I would make it to be induced, technically... She said the 23rd, 24th, and 25th were booked. I asked about the 22nd, and she said she'd call and ask. I had went to the restroom and came back and she said she had a better plan... Here's why I said technically... She said that since she honestly didn't see me making it to the end of the weekend [I know I have said this a lot, but trust me, she did too], she scheduled the induction for the 18th. I left the doc more nervous than I had been... By the end of the weekend, Will and I would officially be parents!

My mom came in on the 15th as well. She was so happy she didn't miss the birth [later, so was I]. I made friends and family aware that it would be anytime.

The 16th came... no labor or baby

The 17th came... no labor or baby...

Now let me tell you, I DID NOT want to be induced at all. I heard and have seen that it takes longer and is more painful. I wanted things to happen naturally, unless I was late.

The 18th came and we got up, showered, called the hospital, they said come in. I was so scared. As they were checking me in a nurse had asked how past due I was and I told her I wasn't past due, I was due tomorrow. She then asked why I was being induced and I explained that the doc didn't think I would make it. I also wanted to avoid it if I could. They put me in a labor and delivery room, told me to undress and get on the bed. The same nurse that asked if I was past due came in and asked if I had any questions. I asked if I HAD to do this. She said I didn't. Then my midwife [I've been calling her my doc the whole time because that's how I see her] came in with another doc and she said she was surprised I was there, she was so sure I would've have him already. She then said the induction is what I wanted. I thought it was my only option. The doc, Dr. Williams, very nice woman, said I didn't have to get induced because there'd be a greater chance of me having a C-Section [another thing I wanted to avoid if need be]. Dr. Williams checked me and said I was 3 centimeters [still]... She however stretched my cervix and scraped my membranes. After that she said she'd be there all day and I might be coming back that night [she made no guarantees though].

After leaving the hospital, we went to get breakfast and then headed home. The Raiders played that day and Will had went to his buddy's house [he lives around the corner] to watch the game, since it wasn't on regular TV. I was laying on the couch playing Tetris and getting sleepy. I told my mom I was sleepy, she told me to nap, but then I got a burst of energy and was awake. Around 3:20ish I HEARD A POP. Yes HEARD [I had read in the forums on my app that this happened to someone and thought, how do you hear a pop? well I did!]! I felt it too... I looked at my mom to see if she heard it too, but she was asleep on the other couch... I got up and quickly went into the bathroom and a gush went in the toilet. Then I got a massive stomach ache. I kept having to go to the bathroom. I started to panic.  I finished using the bathroom, came out, grabbed my phone, and headed back to the bathroom. I looked up how long after water breaking does it take to go into labor or have baby... What I read was to monitor contractions. Then I called Will and told him he needed to come home because my water broke. I came out the bathroom again and woke my mom up, told her not to panic, that my water broke and Will was on his way. At that point contractions were like 13 minutes apart. I saw Will run up the stairs and he was ready to go, I wasn't... LOL I wanted to monitor my contractions... they became more and more intense, so we had to leave. OMG the pain was horrible....

We get to the hospital and I am hurting badly and have to use the restroom, yet again. I push the button, tell the nurse I am in labor, she buzzes me in. I hand her my ID and Medical Card and tell her I really need to use the restroom... She brings me into triage! I swear in that room I went to the bathroom like 3 times. A nurse walked by the room and said "Weren't you guys here this morning?" We said yes... I am not sitting I am holding on to the wall... She was curious as to why the woman even brought me into triage... She called the doc and got me in a labor room. In the labor room I went to the bathroom, yet again. LOL the nurse was like don't push... I was like I'm not, my stomach hurts. My mom had said before we got to the hospital that my body was cleaning itself out to prepare for his birth. I finally was able to not have to use the restroom and was laying on the bed, in pain. A doctor or whoever came in to check how far along I was... I was at 6 centimeters. They asked me if I wanted any drugs/epidural. I was trying to avoid the epidural, but requested some kind of pain med through the IV. The put something in that started with an N, I can't remember the name... All I remember is IT DIDN'T WORK! It was supposed to make the pain bearable...I THINK NOT.

Contractions were ack to back to back to back, etc... It was mountain after mountain. Will and my mom kept telling me they were coming. They convinced me to finally lay on my side to help some of the pain. I tell you it helped, but not much. They had said they were going to send the anesthesiologist in to talk to me about the epidural. I was like ok. But I never saw them. The doctor or whoever [I say that because I don't think she was a doctor, I just knew I didn't want her delivering my baby, she gave me a bad vibe. I wanted Dr. Williams] came in to check me again... I was at 9 centimeters...


I was progressing quickly. I was told if I wanted to try and push on my own, to go for it. I took that as a green light and when I did, it felt as if I peed all over the place. It wasn't pee though. This happened like 4 times. I was feeling better, but yelling. My mom said the doc need to come in she's starting to grunt like a bear [LOL]... Then Dr. Williams came in... She told me it was time to push. I pushed and I pushed. Man that was hard work. They had to put an oxygen mask on me and she asked me to not psh through a contraction, if I could help it, well I couldn't. I pushed. She said she felt his head but I needed to act quick. She asked me if it wold be ok to use the vacuum to help him come out... Apparently, I wasn't pushing hard enough [I sure thought I was]. I said ok, whatever she needed to do to get him out. I had one big push left and he was out at 9:01 PM. I felt a little relief and was teary eyed, but didn't hear him...

I finally heard a little cry, but they said there was fluid in his lungs that needed to be removed so they took him out of the room quickly... Will followed. I didn't know how much he weighed or how long he was. I couldn't do anything but lay there. Turns out I had a 2nd degree tear. I swear I was laying there FOREVER getting stitched up and still hadn't held my baby! I was upset I didn't know his specs and  Dr. Williams said she'd be surprised if he was over 8lbs. Will came back in the room and said "He's 8lbs 15oz...21 and a half inches long." Dr. Williams was shocked! I was shocked! I damn near pushed out a 9lb baby DRUG FREE!! My nurse had told me he was shocked I did it without the epidural, but told me when the anesthesiologist was headed into my room, they stopped him and told him I was at 9 centimeters. There was no time. I sure impressed myself LOL.

I wanted to see my baby, I needed to see my baby. I saw him a little before midnight. He was in the NICU. One of the surgeons told us he got the fluid out and that Jaedyn had a broken collar bone. The doctor did it to get him out. His shoulder had gotten stuck in me, I guess. They said it'll heal in no time. He was in an incubator. He looked cute, even hooked up to an IV. I couldn't believe Will and I were parents and he created such a cute little baby.

I was brought into my post partum room and my sister came after. She didn't get to see Jaedyn though. But she came to see me and was thrilled to know her nephew had finally graced us with his presence.

This is just the birth story, I will post more about the hospital stay later... For now, I must pump.