Thursday, June 30, 2011

One more thing...

Last week, the app I have on my phone said our baby was the size of a Navel Orange... Curious, I went to Trader Joes, next door to Panera and bought one...

Correct me if I am wrong, but that's a big orange! LOL

You're the Best Mommy, I love you . . .Not!

Today I am 15 weeks, 3 days. Nothing spectacular happened this week... I had a little scare yesterday... I was having some "period-like" cramps [nothing to worry about]. It turns out all I needed to do was drink a little more water. I called the emergency room [labor an delivery] and they said because I was less than 20 weeks, I couldn't go see them because I wasn't bleeding or leaking... They said if the pain got worse, either go to the ER or try and get in to see my OB. Thankfully, the water helped and so did the nap. A co-worker thinks it's because of stress and I must admit the past 2 days have been stressful. I had to open with someone I didn't want to open with. I had shifts where by the time I was on break, I felt as if I worked a full 8-hour day! Not good. Hopefully, that's over.

I am getting excited that tomorrow is July and puts us closer to finding out what we are having =)

Today, I had a massive craving for In N Out! So I satisfied it =)

Also, I would like to leave you with one of the cutest things I have heard. Most definitelu my laugh of the day, perhaps week...

So I headed to the bathroom, for the upteenth time, and this mom was in the stall with her daughter, here goes:

Mom: "You need to go pee!"
Daughter: "But I don't have to pee, mommy!"

Mom: "Come on, go to the bathroom."

Daughter: "But I don't need to go."

Mom: "Fine! If you don't go pee, we aren't going to Disneyland today."

[I'm in the next stall making a face]

Daughter: "Nooooo mommy!"

Like 2 seconds later . . . The daughter is peeing . . .

Mom: "Ooohhh what's that? I thought you didn't have to pee?"

She proceeds to wipe her daughter, but apparently didn't get it all...

Daughter: "You forgot some mommy!"

I guess she wipes her all the way and says,

Mom: "There how bout you say 'Thank You Mommy'?"

Daughter: "Thank you mommy."

Mom: "You're the best mommy, I love you."

Daughter: "You're not the best!" 

Mom was flabbergasted, she let out a little laugh and then they washed their hands.

So it must seem like I was in there forever, but I wasn't. Let me tell you, this convo definitely put a smile on my face. The little gorl was too cute. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

14 Weeks, 1 Day

What a week it's been. I'm surprised that a lot of people on Facebook didn't know I was pregant, after both of us posted it on May 16th. But it's ok, I don't mind repeating that I am pregnant.

Not to scare anyone, but Friday was the worse case of morning sickness I had. I haven't really had it bad, but Friday came out of no where. I woke up, felt fine, got in the shower, still felt fine, before I got out, things turned for the worse, I threw up like 4 times. I freaked out and yelled for Will. He is so supportive, he asked if I wanted him to take me to the hospital. I appreciated it, but I knew it'd pass. The thing that sucked is I had to go to work and I felt icky the whole day. Saturday I felt better, but still gross.

On Sunday I slept in with Will and got up and went to go watch Jeremy bowl JAT. It gave me something to do on my da off. I was sneezing all day. I got home around 4 and after that, it was downhill from there. My throat started hurting and along came the stuffy/runny nose. I was in trouble. I've been trying to avoid getting sick, but there was no denying it this time, it was coming. I woke up every hour that night and on Monday morning it got worse LOL... my left arm was hurting. I must've slept wrong because it hurt me to bend it and stretch it out. Why me? Being sick was one thing, but my arm was kiling me. I had to make an appointment with the doctor. I went in and what gets to me is he didn't know I was pregnant! He asked me why I hadn't already taken medicine for the pain, uh duh buddy, I'm pregnant. He was like, oh. So the doctors was pretty much a wasted trip for me, but I needed to know how bad it was. He did take a throat culture, but doubts it's Strep. He said most likely it's a viral infection and to drink plenty of fluids.

Today, I woke up, after waking up every hour again, with minimum pain in my arm, thank God, and my sore throat wasn't as bad. My nose, was a different story, but as long as I can get the mucous to come up, I am down with it LOL. I also had my Pre Natal appointment today. I just have to say IT'S HARD TO PEE ON COMMAND! I made sure to drink some water before going so that I'd b ready for it, but nope I couldn't d it. The nurse took my vitals and jus brought me in the room.When the midwife came in she told me about upcoming appointments and what not and then we listened to the baby's heartbeat. It took her a minute to find, but it's there =) Nice and strong. The thing that baffled her is that I am losing weight, but no need to worry because the baby is growing. I can't say I am not eating, I guess I just need to eat more.

Will and I went to eat after that and it was a nice time. When I came home, I tried to relax some more and my mo called and left a message saying it's important. I had to call her back. It turns out, she bought me acrib, like she said she would. She had originally told me to pick one out, but she couldn't pass the deal up. It came with a FREE mattress. I guess I can't really complain, it was free and a great baby gift. Here's what our baby will be sleeping in when he/she arrives:

The good thing about this crib is that it's convertible, meaning it'll eventually turn into a full size bed =) It becomes a Day Bed and a Toddler Bed first. It's cute to me. Neutral as well so it works for boy or girl. It should arrive tomorrow or the day after.

Nothing else to post. Pictures of me will be coming soon. I don't feel like I am showing yet so no need to tak any... but soon. LoL I swear I can see a bump, but not Will. Have a good one guys!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Warning: LONG with DETAILS!

As promised, I have some exciting news to share with you guys: I'M PREGANT! Yes, you read that right I am pregnant... 13 weeks today, to be exact. My estimated due date is December 19, 2011. Now we all know how this happened, but I want to tell you how I found out. This is a good story, definitely one I won't forget. Here goes . . .

On Tuesday April 19, 2011 I went to Panera, Carson to visit with Krischna. I think that's the last time I updated my 365 Day Project. I told her I needed to stop at Target to pick up some jelly beans for the guys at leage. I headed there with the thought of candy and the fact that I hadn't started my period. Honestly, every time I buy a test, I end up starting my period the next day or shortly after, making that purchase a waste of money. So... I bought the cheapest test I could, the Up Brand [It was $4something]. I planned on taking the test in the morning because I had read somewhere that the best time to test was in the morning. I was nervous, but when I woke up, I grabbed the bag, opened the package, and pee'd on the stick. I was literally sitting there, heart beating fast and shaking... I've taken these tests before, but this time felt different, especially when I looked down and saw this:

You see the faint horizontal line? Either way I thought to myself "OMG! I'm pregnant!"

I went to grab my phone to take a picture and Will had woke up to ask what was wrong. I paused and said nothing. I low key kept smiling in the shower and randomly smiled ALL day. I had the computer at work and I looked up how accurate these Target Brand tests were. Low and behold I read several reviews stating not to trust them because some people had taken this test and later found out they weren't pregnant. So after work, I took my happy butt back to Target and bought the First Response Preganancy test. LOL you know the commercial that says you can learn you're pregnant 5 days before your missed period and what not? This one was a pack of two. I went straight home and took the test [this one said you can take it any time of day]. Here's what I got:

If you look closely, you'll see the faint vertical line on the right side. I figured to myself that it had to be positive, since the solid line was on the left side. Silly I know, but it's just how I am. I called the doctor to make an appointment and they told me I had to wait 2 weeks! That didn't sound right to me [more on that later]. I took a nap, Will came home and I couldn't tell him just yet. I needed time to think of how I wanted to tell him what I saw TWICE that day. PLUS, he was going to bowl a big tournament with Jeremy the upcoming weekend and I was thinking that if I told him, that would be the only thing on his mind. BUT, I know myself, this is BIG, something I definitely couldn't keep to myself. I called people for advice... the only one who picked up their phone was Star, and let me tell you, she was so happy for us. She said I should take a digital test, while Will was there, that way we could find out together. Me being the parnoid person I was, took the second of the pack after I got off the phone with her. This time, however, I pee'd in a plastic cup and put the test in it. Here's those results:

I quickly sent this picture to Star and said "LOOK!" You can see the line on the right more.

Will came home and he asked if I wanted to go eat at The Counter, I said sure, but I needed to talk to him. He was like ok and sat down. The only way I could think to tell him was to show him the picture I had taken this morning. He smiled. I showed him the other 2. I told him those are positive and I'm pregnant. His response was that he asked Jeremy to come eat with us, he can tell him nevermind if I wanted. I said I didn't mind if Jeremy came, I just needed to tell him. We went to dinner and that's all I remember about that night. The next day, Thursday, I went to Wal*Mart to buy Will some body wash and me the digital. Yes! I still didn't believe it! Let me tell you, it's the darn faint lines that get you. I waited for Will to get home, got up and went to take the test. I was nervous LOL. I walked out of the bathroom and waited. Went back in the bathroom and boom:

 I brought the test out to Will and said "Look" He was being funny and was like "How many test is that, 5?" I laughed and said "no, 4!" This one was a little more reassuring, but there's always that chance that it could be negative. I knew I needed to get it confirmed by the doctor. So on Friday, I called the OB-GYN and said I had taken 4 tests and they all came out positive. I needed an appointment ASAP. The earliest I could get an appointment was for May 29th, the next Friday. That's a long time to wait LOL, but better than the 2 weeks the doctor wanted me to wait.

Will left for Vegas on Friday and I felt lonely, but happy at the same time. I felt that this trip would be different, he'd text me more. I was right he did. Turns out I was semi-right. He was thinking about me being pregnant, but more so worried about all the stuff we needed to do. We needed a place to live and we needed to save some money. He said it wasn't my fault he bowled bad, but I still feel bad. Like I said, I couldn't keep that in until he came back. Besides him, there was only one person who knew.

Let's fast forward to Friday the 29th... I show up to my appointment, having to pee. I told them I know they're going to have me pee in the cup and I wanted to know if I could do that now as opposed to later. Of course they did. So there I am, sitting in the waiting room with a bag containing a cup of pee in my purse. They called me in, weighed me, took my blood pressure, took my temp, and asked me the question EVERY girl is asked at the doctor's: "When was the first day of your last period?" I busted out my phone and looked at the app I have and said "March 10th." The nurse says "Ok. . . .[pauses and turns] What about April?!?" I laughed and said "That's why I am here, I thought you knew?" Apparently, they thought I was there for a normal PAP. Nope. So she takes me into the room and asks if I want to know how far along I am. I of course said yes and she told me undress from the waste down. She was going to get an ultrasound machine and let the doc know I was waiting. I couldn't help but think if she gets the machine out, wouldn't I have to be pregnant?

So I am sitting there and she wheels in the ultrasound machine, starts to close the door again, re opens the door, pops her head in and says "Oh yeah... it's positive!" LOL all I could do at that point was laugh. When the doc came in she said "What brings you here?" I said "We have a positive." She said congrats and let's see what we're working with. Here's the ultrasound:

Her first words were "Well, you have a baby in your uterus!" She made me laugh again. I'm telling you, this morning/whole day was full of little giggles from me after this visit. It was official. I was pregnant. I measured 7 weeks and she made an appointment for me to get started with the first of many appointments. After leaving the doctor's I headed to Will's job to tell him the great news and to eat lunch. Let me tell you, he's more excited than I am because I can hardly believe it. I feel nothing in me. I said I'd start to believe it when I feel a kick or start showing. But this all feels unreal to me. He wants to have a little girl badly.

After finding out for sure, we told a few close friends and asked them not to post it on Facebook because we didn't want certain people to know just yet. That was easy...Now for the hard part, telling the parentals. I came up with the idea to tell our moms on Mother's Day. Will thought why at first, but as I explained it to him, he thought it was a great idea. In fact, he suggested we take the moms out to dinner. So I started to prepare for this day. I bought them all "grandma themed" picture frames! I thought it was cute =) So Mother's Day came and let me tell you, I was pretty nervous. Not about telling my mom, about telling Will's mom. I was scared. Then his dad joined us too and I was a wreck. Turns out, it wasn't so bad. My mom cried because she's moving [actually now has already moved] to Tennessee, my mamaw [her mom] was thrilled, my sister was SUPER excited, and Will's mom didn't get it at first, but when she did, she said she had a feeling. Even Will's dad seemed happy he was going to be a grandpa. The big task was to keep them quiet so I could tell Candice. I was trying to tell her first, but our schedules kept conflicting. I had no choice but to tell her on the phone. I didn't want her to find out on Facebook and I knew my mom couldn't keep that a secret for long. 

We moved our stuff out the place May 9th, with no new place. We stayed at my mom's for 2 nights and Will's mom's the other nights until we got this place.  

I had another doctor's appointment on May 16th to meet the Midwife. She was really nice. She gave me an exam and brought in this high tech looking ultrasound machine. I had another ultrasound and this time WE HEARD THE HEARTBEAT! It was awesome! Kinda made me believe it more than I did before that I was pregnant LOL. Here's the ultrasound from this appointment:

I measured at 9 weeks that day and my due date changed. It might change one more time, but the thing that stands out about this due date is the fact that it's on Will's Nana's birthday. That'd be sweet if we brought a baby girl, named after her, into the world on his Nana's birthday. Like I said, Will really wants a girl, I just want a baby LOL. I will be happy either way.

Fast foward to now... I had to take an eary Glucose test on Friday and do my 1st Trimester Screening. My mom is a diabetic so I have to take 2 of these tests. The test wasn't too bad. The drink was REALLY sweet and the lady said there's a sweeter one! Yikes! The worse part was when they drew the blood. The woman who took it hurt me. I have NEVER hurt this bad from blood being drawn or a shot ever received. I have a nice bruise to prove it. I get the results of the test at my next appointment on June 21st.

Ok so I think you all have read enough and are all caught up in this pregnancy. I will update weekly if not more on what's going on. Have a good day <3

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Coming soon...

Exciting news... I'm waiting on some pics to share with you guys =)