Sunday, January 30, 2011

Staying Positive

This year, I feel sort of like a new person... What I mean by that is that I need to be more positive... So far, the year has been great, despite a little lapse on the home front, but that's a little personal. Let me tell you, working at Panera has really made me stressed, and I haven't even worked there as long as Will and Krischna. Sad thing to say, but man it is true. This is a stress I don't need though. I am not trying to have it damage my health, more than it already is. Anyway... Last week was one CRAZY/BUSY week at work. Each day got worse... yes, WORSE. This week I hoped for better and it is what I got... Yesterday, on the other hand, was INSANE, but it was my time to REALLY shine and shine I did =) More news on that later.

As I blog right now, on my day off, I am sitting at the Panera Will works at. He's leaving early and has tournament club today so I came with him. Gave me time to do a little blogging and time to upload my pics [below].

Before I share the pics, I just wanted to add that this project I am doing is really making me happy. Also, it really was a trying week for me and it was brought to my attention that I need to do things for me; read, write... just something... One of my goals this year is to fill my picture frames. Now I am going to write more, in a journal though, and try and scrapbook my 365 Day Project. This blog is pretty short, but I didn't know what to say, but I have 2 weeks of pics to update you guys with more detail than I give on Facebook...So I guess it's not THAT short =) Until next time... have a good one

Week 2:

Day 8: I have been craving Chipotle, well mainly some good guacamole, and Will texted me when he was off asking me if I wanted some... Heck yeah I did! [January 16, 2011]

Day 9: My little brother, from elementary school, Ricardo, gave me a professional massage as a late birthday gift. It was a little weird, but VERY necessary. [January 17, 2011]

Day 10: I baked these bagels at work. Man did they look good! Top Row - Chocolate Chip; Middle Row - Jalapeno Cheddar; and Bottom Row - French Toast. [January 18, 2011] 

Day 11: I made spaghetti and tuna casserole for dinner the night before. Yes 2 separate dinners, but just understand that Will is one picky boy and I just knew he wasn't going to eat the tuna. Anyway, the next day, Jeremy asked if he could have some and this is what he served himself! LOL [January 19, 2011] 

Day 12: So this baby contraption doesn't look right. she looks huge and I don't think it's supposed to look like this. LOL, Star was like, "the flower's on her belly!" So I had to take a picture and share. [January 20, 2011] 

Day 13: I stopped by Krischna's house on the way home from work and she asked me to join her grocery shopping. She was doing Kayln's hair and to keep her occupied I was making faces at her. This is one of the many she made for me. Oh how I love my Boog's face <3 [January 21, 2011]

Day 14: Like I mentioned, my week was pretty stressful and I am not one to drink. Not saying I don't drink, just saying I am not big on it. I really felt like having a drink, but I couldn't do it. I did however, break my streak and caved in and had Will bring me a Pepsi from work. I hadn't had soda in a little over a year, but desperate times called for it. The left drink is an Iced Chai and it's so bomb from Torrance [January 22, 2011]

Week 3: 

Day 15: Matt Jones owed me TWO birthday dinners [one from last year and this year]...Last year's birthday was knocked out at The Jazz Kitchen in Downtown Disney. This place was DELICIOUS! I ate the BBQ Shrimp and Grits. OMG! AMAZING! [January 23, 2011]

Day 16: With my "thriving" Avon, LOL, I needed some Post-it's and Star offered to get me some when she went to the .99 Cent Store. I told her I didn't want yellow and she came back with these. I thought it was funny and thought of Matt Jones, being a Gator fan and all =) [January 24, 2011]

Day 17: This is Willis the Bear. He was given to me by Will in 2007 for our Anniversary. He helped me sleep this week. Him and his heartbeat. When Will had given it to me, he said "Squeeze it" and I felt/heard it. He then said "I put that there because you like laying on my chest and listening to my heartbeat" <3 [January 25, 2011]

Day 18: I came home to an empty house. Turns out the roomies went to get tatted up and this is what Star got. I think it's so cool. I am still a little too chicken to get one, and if I finally gather up the courage, I don't know what, nor where I would get it, but still I love hers. So pretty =) [January 26, 2011]

Day 19: She had "Bed Head" or should I say "Couch Head" and everytime, before taking this pic, she would smile. Too bad when I grabbed tha camera and started taking pics, she wouldn't smile lol. [January 27, 2011] 

Day 20: Will had came home, took out his hair, had evey intention of washing, blowdrying, and getting it braided, but plopped on the bed and said he was comfortable and was going to sleep like this... Yeah, and I am the bed hog! [January 28, 2011]

Day 21: While mommy and daddy are at work, I look after Leilani. She was laying on the couch and kicked off the shoe on her left foot. I left it off and then I noticed that her shoe was on the WRONG foot. That's how daddy dressed her I guess LOL [January 29, 2011]

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

25 & a New Year

So I turned 25 and ACTUALLY had a good day =) I feel overworked and underpaid, but who doesn't? The reason for my post is to share with you how my 365 Day Project is going...

Week 1:

Day 1: My Birthday Sundae from Lazy Dog Cafe in Torrance [January 9, 2011]

Day 2: After graduating in 2009, I finally ordered/received my Degree Holder [January 10, 2011]

Day 3: Orange Juice got me through my little cold, the birthday gift from Mother Nature [January 11, 2011]

Day 4: I see the iPhone in my future... Also, my condolences go out to those who lost their jobs at MySpace; I was let go in 2009 [January 12, 2011]

Day 5: My birthday gift from Candice <3; I absolutely LOVED it...I say LOVED because I discovered a hole [that I didn't put] in it ='( [January 13, 2011]

Day 6: For those who know me, I think that pictures of people sleeping, sometimes, is very cute...they on the other hand may disagree =) This is Jason, AKA Mr. Eubanks, he was at our place, and of course, fell asleep first! [January 14, 2011]

Day 7: Mr. Eubanks on the left & Jeremy on the right... both playing Angry Birds on their phones...from what I hear, it's a pretty addicting game; I personally, don't get it LOL  [January 15, 2011]

That is all my friends... Until next week or when I have time... I will be sharing more pics! I must say, I am having so much fun doing this project =)

Have a good one <3

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happpppy... New... Yeeeaaar... Birrthday !

Hey all... Tomorrow is my 25th birthday. I am so behind on my blog, that I am attempting to try & update as much as possible...

2010 Recap:

I turned 24.
Visited Laughlin for the first time.
Lost the best job that had ever happened to me [but it was expected; the case was over]
Gained new roommates & friends
Got a job with the 2010 Census... was let go early
Was jobless from May to October
Participated in the biggest day of Candice's life & gained more family from it
Almost lost her [Candice], but God couldn't let her leave us, shortly after
Got a job at Panera Bread in Westchester, by LAX [stop by!]
My boog turned 1 [Krischna's daughter Kaylyn]
Gained another niece in my extended family [Leilani Lynn Tucker; pic follows]
My buddy Jenalee became a mommy & boy is he adorable!
Christmas came and went. Felt like another day, but was nice to be with family.

And's already 2011. I tried to be as brief as possible =)

So I got this idea from Candice's blog... she posted her goals for the year and wanted to know some of ours... here goes mine...

Turn 25 =)
Start the 365 Day Project [If I had the internet at home, there'd be a pic a I will post in segments]
Fill my picture frames [I have so many cute ones, without pictures in them]
Find a job in my career.
Take the Paralegal course offerred at Dominguez [just gotta come up on the $$]
Be a more positive person [so far so good]
Go to the gym more [membership fees are my motivation]
Lose weight so I can post some pics.
Blog more
Learn to put myself first a little more.
Love harder <3

They are all reachable and I probably will have more to add, but for now, those are all I can think of. I honestly, just need to be more positive. Good news may be coming my way to the blog as well. I shall keep you updated. For now, I will leave you with 2 pictures of my little La La <3

Photos taken by: Love, Candee Photography