Saturday, January 30, 2010

30-Day Shred: Day 22 & 23

Day 22 - was a good one! I sweat a lot and felt like I did nothing when I actually did. I love the sumo squat jump things. I also like the sit ups Anita style. I never thought I could do those again, thought wrong and that's a good thing.

Day 23 - another good one! I am feeling the Superman stretch =) You can actually feel it in your stomach. Jillian said this should be the 6-pack stage, but I am not that small so uh yeah. But I can feel it and I think that's all that matters. Rockstar jumps are a little difficult because I am scared I am jumping too hard. Other than that, sweat was good =)

Going to a going away/birthday dinner tonight at a buffet...don't worry, I'll be good =)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

30-Day Shred: Day 21

WOOO HOO! Started Day 21 on Level 3 today! It was SOOOOOOO [I could put more O's on here LoL] much easier than Level 2...Maybe Level 1 as well. I guess it's a little award for making it this far. I know I could do better on it though, but I was watching the introduction to the moves. So tomorrow I will be ready. I also need to invest in weights or borrow some, because these pea cans [upgraded from the chili cans] won't hold up when I am doing the lifts with the weights and legs. I feel AMAZING though. Although, Level 3 didn't seem to be much work to me, best believe I sweat. Man did I sweat.

I can't do the mountain thrusts, I think that's what they're called. I do them like Anita, which still works if you ask me. I also did Anita style "walking push-ups" because I was watching how they're done. I totally think I can do them though =) [watch out now!] This level seemed to be the quickest as well. I think the 10, well 9 days now, should go quickly.

Happy Shredding =)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

30-Day Shred: Day 19 & 20

After posting yesterday, I worked out. I planned on working out early because Will was going to sub at Santa Clarita. But that didn't happen because he got off work later. Man I was hungry. We had WingStop last night...So delicious! I had Carrot sticks and 2 pieces of BBQ strips.

TODAY I COMPLETED DAY 20!!! I am DONE with Level 2! Thank you Jesus! I am graduating myself to Level 3. 10 more days to go. I made sure I pushed myself to finish with no breaks. The ab part at the end kills me. I pushed through but had to take that 5 second break like Jillian says we can take. I felt majorly accomplished today.

Right now I am making dinner, Chicken Parmesan, from The Biggest Loser Cookbook: Family Edition. Currently, I am making the sauce that takes at least an hour to make. It's almost done, but I had the chance to blog. I didn't want to forget to update you guys on my accomplishment.

I LOVE Candice! She makes it all worth it. I text her when I complete my workouts and she always has something positive to say. She's making it all worth it. Besides the fact that Jillian Michaels is making me feel great while kicking my butt. My knees are hurting a bit, but all is well.

Okie Dokie... Sauce is done! Until tomorrow [I start Level 3] =)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

30-Day Shred: Day 18

I am counting down the days to being done with this Level 2. I know I can advance myself anytime I want, but I set this standard for myself and I wouldl like to stick to it. Only 2 more days and I am done with this level. Honestly, I liked level 1 better.

My legs hurt a little, but have been after every workout. They feel a little crampy I guess.

I need to push myself a little more because there's only 2 days of this left and I don't know what to expect from Level 3. I think it's the plank positions that are killing me. I will survive. I just feel how Jillian wants us to feel " you're going to die!"

On that I am going to go live a little =)

Monday, January 25, 2010

30-Day Shred: 15/16/17

Ok so I haven't been on here for a while. A lot has happened. On Thursday, Day 15, we were told that they were going to be downsizing at work because we were coming to an end on the case [well our part of the Doc. Review]. I went home and completed Day 15!!! I am half way done =) I sweat so much. I showered and made the dinner I told you guys about. It was a hit again =)

So Friday I woke up and dreaded the email I would receive at the end of the day. We were told to work from home on Friday and Saturday because Selia [the Associate managing the Doc. Review] was going to be out of town and no one was going to sub for her. I worked from 10:15-2:30 and showered. I sat around for a bit and left my email up. At 5:01 I got the email saying I was let go. I wasn't as sad as I thought I would be. I am just disappointed I didn't get to say good-bye to my new friends. I completed Day-16 and had a great movie night with Will. We watched "Stomp the Yard."

Saturday I didn't work out =( I planned on it, but I was spending time with Will and then we had friends over and it became too late to work out.

Sunday I planned on waking up early and working out. Yeah well that didn't happen. Sleep felt too good. I woke up and dropped Will off at work and came back home with every intention of washing clothes and working out. Well I was going to sleep a bit longer and wake up at 8. Before I knew it I was sleeping a little too long. But that's what happens when you wake up early and go back to sleep. So then I knew I needed to work out after bowling league last night. It was perfect too because Will opened this morning so I knew I would have the livingroom to myself. My sister was home, but I told her I needed to workout, she didn't mind because she needed to get stuff ready for school.

So here's where I am. I have completed 17 days of the 30-Day Shred. I feel good and I am actually starting to notice a difference. It would be nice to hear it from someone though. I mean Will agrees, but I think he's just saying it to make me feel good. I can fit in my "skinny jeans" after they've been in the dryer. I want my stomach to show it a little more. I also wore the shirt I wore on my birthday, yesterday and it was a little loose =) I am really glad I have some blogs to read, that I can relate to and Candice as my motivator. I seriously don't know what I would do without her.

My foot's hurting. I don't know if it's my ankle or what, but I am determined to finish the workout and start my next one. I still cannot do the squat thrusts like Natalie, but the ones like Anita, well they do just fine LoL. Plank Jacks will NEVER be done by me! HA HA Anita's style is better. Lastly, I think I am doing the last part of abs on Level 2 wrong. But I am still trying to keep up. OH! I also can't do the double jumpropes, BUT I am able to COMPLETE the single ones from Level 1 [with Anita] all the way WITHOUT stopping. That's progress if you ask me =)

3 more days and I am done with Level 2 and on to Level 3! Dun dun dun! LOL. Alrighty, I think this is long enough... Until tomorrow and another day closer... Have a good one!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

30-Day Shred: Day 14

1 more day and I am HALF WAY DONE!!

So after yesterday's wonderful day, I was able to workout at like 10:15. I headed to Target when I finished work to pick up something to make for dinner last night and for tonight's dinner. The stuff they sell there is cheaper than the store. I bought 2 cans of Hunts Crushed Tomatoes and they were priced $1.34 each. At Vons they are almost, if not over $3. Insane! I just thought I would share that Tuesday night I made Shrimp Quesadilla's courtesy of The Biggest Loser Cookbook- Family Edition. They were so yummy! Last night I just made some of the Pasta Barilla meals and the sauce for tonight's dinner...Pizza Bread [courtesy of The Most Decadent Diet Ever --Devin Alexander] =) I made it once and it was a hit, but with work I pre-made the sauce because it takes at least an hour to make.

Back to the workout....I am happy to say I have been sweating like no other. Dripping on the floor and in my eyes. Man it's insane, but I am totally loving it =) I HATE the plank squat things! I can't force myself to jump, so I have been following Anita...The same with the Plank Jacks. I am determined by the end of my 10th day doing Level 2, to do them "Natalie Style" <-- Well not so much the high knees, but the other plank stuff.

All and all it's been great. However, my left foot's been hurting. I think it's these boots I am wearing. But the cramp's back. Hopefully, it gets better.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

30-Day Shred: Day 13

Man what a day. I always put an update up when I am at work, but not today. LoL. I woke up late and was lazy this morning. Then I wasn't thinking because I totally FORGOT my lap top, THE most important thing I need for work, besides myself. What sucks is my dumb self didn't realize it until I pulled into the structure and was getting out of my car. Anywho...

I am almost half way complete! I was so excited after Day 13's workout. I super pushed myself through it. I so can do a push up. Well kinda. I can't go down all the way but I am making progress. I was sooooooooooooo sweaty. I had a nice, relaxing, quick shower after.

I am really starting to notice a difference. The sad thing is my goal is to fit in 2 pairs of pants I have. Hopefully, that happens because when I was at Kohl's on Sunday, I tried on these shorts and they didn't fit. They were a size smaller than my "skinny jeans" that are becoming rather loose. I would like to think it's the material, actually it probably is. But ulitimately that's my goal. I'd like to fit in the pants but I would actually like them to be BIGGER =)

That's all for now!

[I am working from home now...I took a half day so that I can be with my notes and what not]

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

30-Day Shred: Day 12

WOW is all I can say. After my previous post I realized how bad my legs were hurting and I still hadn't worked out. I pushed myself to work out and did FAR better than the first day on Level 2. I did more things. I still am having problems with the push up position things. LoL which is pretty much EVERYTHING. But like I said I did WAY better. I felt great after this workout and took a nice warm shower after. I am so not looking forward to going home tonight =( one reason being this workout. Until then....

Monday, January 18, 2010

30-Day Shred: Day 10 & 11

After work on Friday, I came home, picked Will up, and we went to get the rental car. I was trying to wait to work out until he went to bed because my sister wasn't home and I knew we would have an early morning. Plus I had a load of clothes in the washer. Anywho, I completed Day 10 around 11:20 PM and I didn't feel really accomplished. I wasn't that sweaty and I gave it my all. I did however push through and was very proud of myself. I wanted to scream, but I didn't want to scare Will. LoL.

Saturday was supposed to be the start of Day 11. Notice how I said SUPPOSED. Like I said it was an early morning for us. We went to Vegas for Sweeps. I did pretty well. We had a great dinner that night as well. We left Vegas around 7:45 PM and headed back. Will slept almost the whole way home while I drove. We got back a little before 11:30 PM and unloaded our stuff for the day. My sister had just gotten home as well. I was so exhausted I didn't have the energy to work out. Plus by the time I would have started, it would have been past midnight.

I had made an appointment to get my eyebrows done at 11:40 AM on Sunday. I got up and took Will to work so I could use the rental car's gas and not my own. Came home and went back to sleep. LoL. He opened so this is before 6 AM. I woke up at like 9:30 and told myself you MUST work out. So I ended up starting at around 10. Sunday was Day 1 of Level 2....this one definitely was something. I can't even remember the moves. All that I know is I should be able to do a push up after this level and that I love the Oblique Jumping Things, the twists were good for my back. This level seemed to go a lot faster than Level 1, even though it's the same duration of time =) My left leg is a little sore today, but I feel ok.

On a little side note, I did something to my left foot. I feel like I have a cramp that will not go away. Yesterday it didn't hurt as bad, but Saturday was the worse. Hopefully, today's better. Have a good one guys!

Friday, January 15, 2010

30-Day Shred: Day 9

I am so ready to move levels. I really need to get some weights. Too bad I am not sure if I will be getting paid today. I might have to splurge a little. Not quite sure.

My workout was wonderful though. I was sweating soooo much. Sweat's your friend when working out right? I was slow with the jumping jacks set, but I pulled through. Tonight, since it's my last day on Level 1 I am going to push myself to complete it all.

LoL I almost put Day 9 Complete and was going to call it a day, but I needed to type a bit more for motivation. Have a good day/night =)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

30-Day Shred: Day 8

For some reason I think I sweated just as much as Day 1, it felt like more. I thought that was crazy because it was just dripping down. I have yet to master the jumping jacks/jump rope set. I think it's funny because I was struggling with the jump ropes and now I can do those but not the frickin jumping jacks. Of all things...JUMPING JACKS?? Ha ha. I have 2 more days left with Level 1 and then I am advancing myself to Level 2. I think I am ready for that challenge.

Today I am extra sleepy and have no clue as to why. When I got to work I slept for 20 minutes in my car and feel slightly revived. I also stopped at Starbucks downstairs and got a Mocha Frap. It was the best one I have had from there, so I know I won't be going there anymore. I don't want to be disappointed =)

We're going to Vegas on Saturday for Sweeps. Leaving at 6 in the morning and coming back or should I say leaving Vegas around 6 that night. I am praying I can squeeze the work out in. It will be a late one but I have to do it. I also will have to work out early on Sunday morning so that I can be sure not to skip that. Good thing I found out we don't have to come into the office on Monday so I can also work out early as well. I am loving this. I don't think I have ever been so determined to work out! I owe this all to Candice for giving me that extra push and motivation =) Thanks Candice <3

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

30-day Shred: Day 7

Got off work yesterday and was eager to work out. No one was home when I got home [I like it that way because I can work out in the living room without interruptions]. I changed clothes and got to it.

I did the workout ALMOST error free. The set where it's 2 minutes of jumping jacks/jump ropes is where I had a problem. HOWEVER, I did complete ALL jump ropes. SO proud of myself =) I am doing 3 more days of Level 1, then graduating myself to Level 2 on Day 11 =) I think I am ready now but I can wait.

I aboslutely LOVE the way I am feeling. I really am starting to see a difference. I feel more energized today, but I think that has to do with me getting sleep =)

Until tomorrow! Have a good morning, day, or night <3

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

30-Day Shred: Day 6

So I was bad and didn't work out on Sunday =( That was supposed to be my Day 6. You see the ultimate goal was to wake uo early, work out for the 20 minutes, and get ready for my day. LoL the sleep felt too good. Sorry if I repeated myself.

Yesterday at work was beyond hot. We were sent hom to work. I thought that was pretty perfect because I had plans but didn't want to leave early to work out. I worked at home until 7:30 and fired up the ps3 =) I was ready for Jillian. I must say the work out went smoothly. I am still struggling with the push-ups [but Candice tells me I will be able to do them and to trust her], I got a tad tired on the second set of jumping jacks in the cardio [the set with jump ropes], and did ALL the jump rope sets WITHOUT stopping!! I was so excited. I felt AMAZING after this workout. I also feel like it's starting to work =) My "skinny jeans" are getting loose =)

After my workout I headed to Del Rio to watch my boys in the Ebonite Invitational league. Matt Jones' girlfriend Lana asked me to practice with her. I didn't think I could bowl as much as she wanted so I just got 2 games. My legs were a bit wobbly. But I ended up adding the 2 more games =) I did pretty well too!

After work tonight I will be on Day 7; supposed to be 8 but I treated myself. . . Just remember I was dedicated enough to workout on my birthday.

BTW --I cut my hair! More like chopped. Everyone LOVES it, except me... Go figure! It'll grow on me I guess [pun intended!] =)

Monday, January 11, 2010

30-Day Shred: Day 5

So working out on my birthday was wonderful. I felt great. My left calf was still hurting a little, but all in all it was a good work out. I think I am progressing rather well. I decided to not measure myself. I figure you can see a difference and know it worked from the before and after pictures I will be posting when this video is done.

I made a mistake of not getting up early to do Day 6 yesterday [the 10th], I just loved the sleep I was missing out on. Needless to say, I didn't work out yeserday =/ I was going to do this 30 days straight! I am so sad, but still determined. I just ran out of time yesterday with all that was going on. So I will do Day 6 tonight for sure!

Hopefully, I can get through the jump ropes!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

30-Day Shred: Day 4

Happy Birthday to me! Yup today's my Birthday =) I am going to do Day 5 a little earlier than I have been. I think that's dedication! Seriously though, it's only 20 minutes . . . I can spare that much of the day.

On to Day 4's workout. . . I feel great! I think I sweated more in this workout thant in Day 3. No complaints here though =) I am not sore at all. Well my left calf has been hurting, now not so much. I don't think I will ever be able to do the push-ups but I am still trying. I did the first set of jumpropes and screamed YES! I didn't care who heard me because I did it without stopping. But the second set is what got me. I slowed down so I didn't stop.

That's about it. Got a little bit of running around to do today before tonight and a workout to do before the running around. . . HAve a great day followers/whoever reads this!

Friday, January 8, 2010

30-Day Shred: Day 3

Let me just say I was in SOOOO much pain yesterday after Day 2. I was literally walking like an old woman [HA HA]. I was frustrated at work because we hadn't got paid and I had said that when I got the check I would walk to the bank and deposit it. We got our checks. I was in pain and needed to walk over there. Good thing I walked over there because I sure loosened up my leg muscles. I felt a whole lot better and was looking forward to workout when I got home.

I get home and start the workout. Man my legs were burning, but I kept telling myself "you gotta take the pain in order for it to go away Arisha." That was a fast workout too. The only problems I am facing are the push-ups [but I feel I have improved on them since the first day] and the first set of jump ropes [I do better toward the end].

I think I am going to do 10-10-10 in respects to the levels; I haven't fully decided yet.

I have also come to the realization that a shower after a workout is your friend. I mean I knew that, but I should have taken a shower after Day 2, but I was so tired I had no energy to do so. Last night I took a shower an hour after I worked out and I layed down to watch the Keeping Up with the Kardashians [recorded from Sunday] with Will. I think I got half way through it and was knocked out. I woke up around 2 or 3 to turn the TV off. Then this morning, my alarm went off but I didn't hear it or so I thought. LoL the phone was in my hand and Will was up saying "Babe, you gotta get up." That was at 6:15 AM [I have 2 alarms set for 5:45 & 6]. What was funny is he didn't have to be up until after I left so I asked him why he was up and he said "I slept in my contacts, I had to take them out." WoW! We both knocked out! But let me tell you that was some well-deserved sleep! I feel so alive and NOT SO SORE! Yay! My stomach muscles are loosening up and my left calf muscle is a little tender, other than that, I feel great.

I think I am in love with Jillian Michaels! Not like that but you know what I mean. Pretty disappointed that I didn't buy the DVD sooner!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

30-Day Shred: Day 2

First off let me say that I was wrong! The pain set in yesterday at about 2 PM. I think it's because I sit at work and my muscles were tensing up. I was pretty much staring at the time thinking please hurry so I can go home and do day 2. I even told my friend Candice, a big supporter/motivator of what I am doing, the pain was starting to kick in. She told me it was going to burn when I worked out today. I figured doing day 2 would take some of the pain away. . .

I figured wrong!! Should have listened to Candice! Ha ha. . . I did the work out around 8 PM and I was able to do more than I did on the 1st day. It seemed as if the jumping jacks and the jump ropes were a bit easier than the night before. I was still sweating like no other, which is good in my opinion. It also seemed as if the 20 minutes went by faster, since I knew what was coming next. So day 2 is over and I sit down after stretching and walking around a bit. I turn on this thing I caught on Bravo of The Biggest Loser and that took place in 2006. It was a battle between 2 families losing weight. So I am sitting there and Candice texts me "did you do it yet?" I told her I did and my legs were burning. I was watching the show for about 20 minutes and the phone rang. . . "OH NO" [I thought to myself] "I HAVE TO GET UP!" I was in so much pain! The good pain though. I know I am doing it right because muscles I thought I knew I had from the walking videos I was doing before this were coming out of my body and definitely letting me know they were there. I texted Candice back and told her what happen. Her response "It will all be worth it =)"

I sure hope so because I couldn't sleep on my side. Trust me I can never sleep on my back, but last night I did. This morning I did not want to get up. I literally staggered out of bed and into the shower. I should have taken my rinse off shower last night after the work out but I was talking to Will's sister, then I called Candice, and then talked to Will when he got home. I had no energy to get in the shower, I figured sleep was more important. The hot shower felt wonderful and I didn't want to get out. Then on my way to work I hear there's an accident. Sitting in traffic made me feel uncomfortable. When I got out the car to walk to the building I work in I felt like I wasn't going to make it! But I did =)

Since walking into work, I feel a smidge [a little one] better. But I feel like I was beat up! In fact I was by Jillian Michaels!! Ha ha. But hey what doesn't kill me, will only make me stronger! Hopefully after tonight the feeling starts to go away.

P.S. I don't know how people do this workout and not go straight through. . .How do you take days off? I don't want to discourage people because the workout's AWESOME. It's just everybody's body's different. Mine just needs to get adjusted ;-)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

30-Day Shred: Day 1

Good Morning, Afternoon, or Night [pretty much whenever you are choosing to read this]! I am a little new to the blog world and FINALLY decided to make one =) I follow some of my friend's blogs and this time I am writing my own, here goes. . .

So, I was inspired by others who have posted blogs, through my research, about doing the 30-Day Shred with Jillian Michaels, to do one as well. Day 1 was yesterday for me, but first I had a busy, fun day at work. I got a job at a law firm in Century City. It's not what I thought it would be, but I am most definitely loving it! Of course the day I choose to start the "shred," we're all asked to stay a little later to meet a morning deadline. I could really use the hours, so I figured why not? I got to work at 8:30 AM and ended up working until 9:15 PM and only had one 15 minute break! I was impressed with myself, knowing I could do it.

I get home, grab some cans of chili [ha ha because I currently do not have weights, but I am working on it], change my clothes, and pop in the DVD. She introduces herself and what not and then it begins. . . boy was I in for a surprise LoL. The workout's 20 minutes and goes by so quick [it really does!] But let me tell you, I literally kicked my own butt! HA HA HA she calls the move "butt kicks," it just reminded me of running. . . It was honestly a great workout, but I was not prepared for it. When I finished my legs were so wobbly and I was SUPER sweaty. Got in the shower and shook the whole way through it. I just thought if I was sore then I would be paying for it this morning. . .

I woke up later than usual this morning and thought I was sore, but when I got out of bed I wasn't. I mean my legs are hurting a litte [not extreme] and my stomach is the same. Surprisingly I am not tired! I feel energized that's for sure. I am liking this so far. I will document ALL 30 days.

Today I am at work until 7 and then I need to go get a tape measure so I can measure myself. I also took pictures, but you won't see the before and after until the last day [besides I need to figure out how to put the pics up on here]. Until then, back to work for me =)