Friday, July 12, 2013


I made a post last week and I'm doing one now... Go me!

It's been a long week...

 My sister came last weekend. We went and washed clothes at my MIL's on Saturday. Bummed around the next two days. On Monday I decided I need to get up and go. Jaedyn's been difficult to put to bed, more on that in a bit, and I figured I needed to do something, since having my csection. Not taking any chances so I decided to do a mile walk... Well I didn't know it was a mile, actually 1.3 miles, until I did it and tracked it. I've done it Monday through Friday. This is gonna be my summer routine, when home {going to Vegas next week}. I'm feeling good.

As you've read above, is becoming difficult to put to bed. He wakes up between 10:30-11:30 and naps between 3-6. This is recent. He fights his naps. The later the nap, the more he fights to stay awake. Will works early in the morning so Jaedyn being up at 1, is not the business. I used to not let Jaedyn sleep past 8, then changed it to 7. After this week, I don't want naps past 5 or 6. I thought it'd be a good idea to get Jaedyn on a schedule when Will starts driving - waking up at 8, breakfast, play, nap, yadda yadda, and bed early... Yeah we're not waiting. Woke him up early Wednesday, he napped early, while at Costco, and was up the rest of day. Even after our walk. Yesterday, we woke him up early again, went to wash clothes, yes again {boys clothes and ours}, he napped shortly, went to Target,took Will to get his hair braided, and on the way home, Jaedyn fell asleep... Big mistake! On our walk he was fussy, home he was fussy... Thought he was sleepy... Nope! What the heck!?! Today, I woke him at 9:45, he napped from 2:30-4... On our walk, he fell asleep and I didn't know until 2 ladies walking by said in Spanish how cute he was SLEEPING! Bet your ass I woke him up. We walked, he fussed, and got over it. Praying he goes to sleep tonight...

Turned 4 months yesterday. My baby baby is getting big. I see why parents say they want another one. He's starting to grab his toys more and talks oh so much. All in all a pretty happy baby. 

I've been having problems going to sleep as well. You'd think after being up, feeding Ja'Kobe, regulating Jaedyn, and running around being a wife and mom, that it opulent be hard for me to fall asleep at damn near 1 in the morning. Well, my freaking brain won't turn off. Luckily, I fell asleep last night. Hoping to continue lol 

Vegas next week... Gonna be fun!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sue Me

Jaedyn's 18 months... Ja'Kobe is almost 4 months. My last post was when Ja'Kobe was almost 2 months. I swear blogging gets away from me... It's weird though, I'm caught up on the blogs I follow; just can't seem to update my own. I'm going to make a goal to update once a week {ha ha}... Lets see how that goes. 

He never seizes to amaze us. He's always getting into things and making us laugh along the way. He's a smarty. A very fast learner too. On Thursday, his Papa Bret taught him how to catch with 2 hands, and he showed off those skills to his Nana and daddy on Friday. Now he's a two hand catching machine. He sure knows how to test his mommy, especially when I'm feeding his little brother. When Ja'Kobe was younger {like he's so old now},Jaedyn seemed to show more affection toward him, now it seems nonexistent. We're working on that though. He loves his little brother, but he's not understanding that Ja'Kobe is younger than him and can't play back... Yet! 

This little guy is so advanced. He's growing before our eyes. I mean, don't get me wrong, Jaedyn did too, but it seems Ja'Kobe is doing stuff quicker. He's sitting up {not on his own, but will if you position him} and he's rolling onto his belly. He's also quite the talker. My little fella has lots to say. He admires his big brother, can't take his eyes off him. He's very happy, like his big brother was, always smiling. I can't wait til he starts giggling! 

Family First
Saturday, my sister offered to let us have a date night, but that fell through. I'm breast feeding Ja'Kobe and not pumping. He's on a 3 hour schedule and we wanted to see White House Down, but it's 2 hours and 17 mins, not including previews. We could've seen it, but the show times weren't in our favor. Instead, we made it a family thing, my sister's idea, and went and saw Monsters University. It was Jaedyn's first movie going experience and wasn't a complete disaster. I think what really threw it off was the short film before the actual movie started. Jaedyn couldn't sit still, not a problem, Will and my sister let him be free with limits... Then he pooped... Of course! I had Ja'Kobe fed and content. He was talking up a storm. Seriously was so cute! My sister, bless her heart, took Jaedyn to change his diaper. Then Jaedyn got ultra fussy. He was tired. Will got him to go to sleep. All in all, it was a good thing to experience. I'll wait til he's older to see another movie. I do want to see Planes, but I don't think Jaedyn would last. Won't hurt to try. 

Big News
No I'm not pregnant again. That won't happen til Ja'Kobe is potty trained! But, something we've been waiting for has finally happened... Will passed his driving test for UPS! Woo hoo! One step closer to becoming a driver... All he needs now is to pass the big test at the end of a class he has to take... With me for a wife, it shouldn't be a problem 😉

^^before Father's Day 

^^on Father's Day 

^^he got close to his brother. Makes me nervous and happy at the same time lol. 

^^show stopper like Jaedyn 

^^ see what I mean! 

I take lots of pics of my boys, but Jaedyn's such a busy body and has caught onto my mamarazzi tendencies and runs. He's a little stinker. But I'll be sure to capture more. 

One more thing
We took Jaedyn to get his hair cut for the first time! Cutest thing ever and was captured by my amazing friend and blogged. Check it out here 


Sunday, April 21, 2013

One month plus...

**Apparently this didn't post when I did it**

Yes, one month plus since I've blogged... But more importantly, my little Ja'Kobe is one month and 2 days {get it, plus? Lol}. I figured I should really, I know I say it a lot, start blogging more. Especially since I have two little ones. I know they'll keep me busy, but they grow so much and so fast.

Here's a little recap... Because Jaedyn got stuck and was almost 9lbs at birth, my midwife suggested I have a c-section. If that was going to be the case, I wanted the same doc who delivered Jaedyn, to deliver Ja'Kobe. I switched over. She really advised it because of stuff I underwent with this pregnancy. We finally scheduled the procedure for March 12, 2013. I wanted the 11th because it's my second mom's birthday and what better gift on your birthday, than the gift of life? Sadly, my doc was unavailable that day, meaning I just settled with the 12th.

At my last appointment, she informed me that there was something going on at the hospital the day we planned and we needed to pick a different date. Our options were the 11th or 13th. Perfect! I called Will at work to confirm, but we were set. Nervousness really sank in. I had a countdown on Facebook and it was pushed up a day. I was scared as it was to have the c-section and he was coming earlier! I prepared myself as much as I could. Went and got my hair done earlier, bought Jaedyn's other carseat, cleaned up the apartment, one last time, packed my hospital bag, and just enjoyed the time I had left with my family of three, before it became a family if four.

It was planned that my buddy Candice would watch Jaedyn while, as her dad put it, it goes down lol. Her car had other plans. We brought Jaedyn to her and arrived a half an hour later than we were supposed to... Oh well!

The nurse made me more nervous. Baby was monitored, while the nurse asked me a million questions. I was hooked up to an IV... She really hurt me! The anesthesiologist came in and explained to my chicken self what was going to happen and asked if I had questions. Of course! The doctor came in and asked if I had anymore questions... Of course! I asked her to please talk to me during the procedure to make me feel better. Then it was time. The nurse rushed us out of triage... Great I was more scared.

I'm not going to go into much detail now, but want to mention I was scared if the needle in my back and I must say, the darn IV hurt MORE! Like a lot more. Everything went quickly after that...

Ja'Kobe Jerome Jackson was born at 12:41 PM. He weighed 8lbs 11oz and was 21 inches long. Perfect! Now the fun begins... Recovery!

Wasn't too bad, definitely felt weird coming out of being numb. We were discharged on Thursday the 14th. I was really missing my Jaedyn. It felt good to be home and able to have a real shower and to sleep in my own bed! Will was very helpful. I was {still am} exclusively breast feeding. Things went well... Still are :)

Now I'm not gonna bore you with more details...

•Ja'Kobe is a month old.
•I've had my four week checkup; doctor says my incision is healing nicely.
•A birth control plan has been put into effect.
•Ja'Kobe is gaining weight like a champ!
•Jaedyn loves his little brother!

I seriously could go on, but must tend to dirty diapers now... Thanks for reading!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Yeah Yeah Yeah

I know it's been entirely toooooo long. I feel like blogging just wasn't as important as anything else lol. I need to start more though because there's gonna be 2 little Jackson's running around. I'm going to try my best to get more blogs out lol. Here's my final survey... Because I'm having this baby sooner than y'all think!

How far along? 38 weeks, 3 days

Total weight gain/loss: 16 pounds. 1 pound more than with Jaedyn. I'm happy with that.

Maternity clothes? Still live in shorts, i only have one pair of pants, and well my shirts, those are starting to become tight {I've been borrowing Will's lol}

Stretch marks? I had stretch marks pre pregnancy with Jaedyn. With Jaedyn I hot a little bit on my lower belly. With Baby J, I'm noticing more little ones at the top. I'm content with this.

Sleep: With Jaedyn I was able to sleep when I wanted, now that I have Jaedyn, I can't. Not complaining at all... With this little guy I have been waking every 2 hours to pee. If I wake up at 4, I end up laying in bed thinking for up to an hour or more. Pretty brutal; glad I'm on leave.

Best moment this week: finding out I had to reschedule my C Section. I chose the original date I wanted {March 11th; it's my second mom's birthday... Perfect birthday gift if you ask me!}... And getting my GORGEOUS PPB

Movement: all day!

Food Cravings: I want ice cream!

Gender: Another boy

Labor Signs: I think I'm psyching myself out... I'm feeling contraction like pains, but they're so far apart that I'm just dealing. 4 more days anyway

Belly Button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? Still fit just fine

What I miss: Being able to sleep when I want

What I am looking forward to: meeting Jaedyn's little bro

Weekly Wisdom@: just let it go...

Milestones: Making it to 38 weeks

That's all for now... Next post I'll be a mommy of 2! <3

Monday, February 11, 2013

Cogs & Creatures ....

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Monday, February 4, 2013

Junie Blake Giveaway

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Super slacking. No one reads this anyway... At least that's how I feel... Thought I'd update with a survey.

How far along? 29 Weeks, 1 Day...

Total weight gain/loss: I believe I'm at almost 15lbs. Not too thrilled, but could be way worse. Doc is not mad.

Maternity clothes? Like last time, I live in the shorts. I only have one pair if pants... Pjs don't fit comfortably.

Stretch marks? Just the ones I had before pregnancy and the little ones I got with Jaedyn.

Sleep: Much different than last time. I'm getting as much as I can.

Best moment this week: When Jaedyn puts his head on my belly.

Movement: Just as much as his big brother, if not more, did!

Food Cravings: apparently I'm not a normal pregnant woman... I don't know what I want...

Gender: Another boy

Labor Signs: Nope. I'm fine with that lol

Belly Button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? Still got just fine

What I miss: Being able to sleep when I want

What I am looking forward to: next appointment

Weekly Wisdom@: n/a

Milestones: Hitting 29 weeks. Sure went by fast!

That's all for now