Saturday, September 11, 2010


Life is full of them for sure. Currently, I am babysitting my niece, Krischna's [Will's sister] daughter Kaylyn [not biological, but my niece regardless]...She's teething =I  This is a big trial for sure. Some day I want children... and this is a true test...I've worked with kids before and babysat before, but not for as long as I have been with her. I love her to death and I see her often. Auntie Risha loves babysitting her because there's never a dull moment. But teething is NO JOKE! Poor baby doesn't sleep much. Today, has been different though... Thursday I watched her for like 3 hours, while her mom went to a meeting, of that she cried for half [so it seemed]... Friday, was great...minimal fussing and lots of laughs...Today, well I fed her and she was good but then started crying pacifier... I gave her some teething tablets and they seemed to do the trick, she slept for an hour and a half and woke up super fussy again, but still tired... I rocked her to sleep again... she's still napping so I decided to blog.

I am still jobless, but I have no doubt that it WILL get better soon. Last week I got a call from Office Team, a job agency. I figured I have been looking for a job long enough, maybe someone should help me. A woman, who I didn't like because of the way she carries herself, referred me to them. I went in that day and tested. I didn't do too bad. Now I just need to call in and let them know I am available for work.

On 9-7-2010, I celebebrated my 6 year anniversary with Will <3 Yeah I know, when's the wedding? HA HA... Let me just answer the question for you guys... I need to be asked to marry him first...and well I think the job factor needs to kick in...How else can we pay for a wedding? I am just saying... Although, being asked most certainly won't hurt anything =)

In the mean time, I still have Avon, which hopefully picks up. In all honesty, it is cheaper on people. I save so much more using their products. So if interested, =) I also applied to work at Panera Bread by LAX; I can't work with Will at Torrance or Krischna at Carson. I am pretty much a shoe in for the job, but I most definitely will not take it for granted... being without a job SUCKS! Money is money. If this is what it takes to get me where I want, then bring it on!

I think I have babbled enough... have a great morning, day, night!

[Side note: sometimes it sucks getting hooked up with a job. All of the ones I have had, besides Miller Barondess, LLP., have been handed to me... hopefully, I get one soon regardless of what it is...I know, I know I am being redundant...SUE ME!]

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