Thursday, April 22, 2010

Another one...

So it has definitely been a while. I am still looking for a job, but I did get something with the Census. I am happy and grateful for it, but it is a temporary job. It will last for 6 weeks. But hey, 6 weeks is better than nothing. Especially since I will be getting a paycheck.

Lately, I have been unhappy with myself and confided in Jenalee about it. It's a mixture of things, but for the most part it's me not having a job and my weight. I can't say that I am not trying to find a job and the weight part, well she put it into the greatest word "you control your weight so do something about it." I have been working out but I felt highly unmotivated, EVEN with Candice's wedding being just around the corner. I was in Vegas last week and told myself to bring a DVD to workout. I decided to bring a DVD I hadn't opened since I got it for Christmas from my sister, The Biggest Loser 30-Day Jump Start. I was browsing and saw that it had a workout plan. I became really into it because it has it mapped out: Week 1- 10 minute workouts for 6 days a week [**ALL DAYS VARY**]; Week 2 - 20 minute workouts; Week 3 - 30 minute workouts; and Week 4 - 40 minute workouts. I even turned my boyfriend on to doing this with me. I got even more excited when looking at the cover "Lose up to 3 inches off your waist!" it also said for MAXIMUM results combine with The Biggest Loser Last Chance Workout. I bought the Last Chance workout on Sunday =) We started on Monday, but he is only doing the Jump Start with me, the Last Chance one is 6 weeks. I don't mind though because it's baby steps. If he likes it he should continue with me. He even is going to renew his membership with 24 Hour Fitness [BTW - I saw that if you go into 24 Hour Fitness and mention the Biggest Loser Special, your initiation fee is WAIVED!]. This is great. We made a plan to do this and to eat better; well be stricter than we were. I cook out of the Biggest Loser Cookbook and The Most Decadent Diet...Ever book. As you can tell I am excited. I had Candice measure me on Tuesday and I am a little more happy with the measurements. I think I lost a little since the fitting, which is good. Now I have until the end of May to go for another fitting with, hopefully, dramatic results =)

On a sad note. I received news on April 10th that a very close friend of the family had passed away. I was pretty broken up. I didn't show it, but I was. I could only hear him whistle for his daughter Jenni. They lived across the street from my mom's house and moved. But we all grew up together. His funeral was yesterday [since it's now after midnight]. It was a sad but good time. God wanted him home and took him from us; he was 55 years YOUNG! I know he is up there CANCER FREE, shining down on us =) RIP FRANK DIAZ.

The bad news keeps coming though... I found out Tuesday morning, someone my mom bowled with lost his battle with Cancer as well. He had a brain tumor and he is no longer suffering. May Daryl Evans Sr. RIP as well.

I believe that is all, I thought I would update you followers on what's going on in my life. I get sworn in TODAY and fingerprinted [standard procedure for a Federal job]. Next week I start training =) Goodnight/Morning!!

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  1. Good luck with your new job! Its better then no job!