Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pics from our flood...One's really gross...

I am not sure if you can see it well but this is our sink area in the bathroom, to the right is the entrance where the toilet area is and shower. It's the open part in our bedroom:

This is the spot I stepped in, in the hallway that made me go WTF? because it is pretty far from the wall and my dumb self, looked up ha ha to see if something was dripping. Then that's when I noticed the dampness along the walls in the livingroom and the hallway. It was not a pleasant step for sure.   

This is what the little puddle in front of the hall entrance escalated into, the darker area is all water:

Ok now it gets nasty... This is what our shower looked like. There's noodles, that look like worms to me, and corn...  a whole bunch of crap, to say the least and it SUPER SMELLS!: 

This is the entrance to the bathroom area in our room and you can see the water in the dark spots; that's what I first stepped in before seeing the mess. I didn't even want to see the shower:

So, the tile is off of our door to enter the apartment. You can see the way they cut the carpet, which the plumber says they're going to put back, I can't believer that. After about an hour and a half of jack-hammering you can see where this has gone. I sent Will a text and said they aren't even close to the whole. Plus, the dude was there alone digging all the concrete out and putting it outside:

This is what it was starting to look like after all the concrete was up. There's a hose, which I think is random, they had to dig the dirt out as well to get to the actual pole. The hole is a pretty decent size and you gotta hold the wall to get in the hallway, but the plumber put a huge piece of wood so we can walk on it...umm we aren't staying there in the stench! That's just too nasty and bad for all of our health, especially Star, Matt's girlfriend, whom is pregnant:

This is the view from my hallyway area, you can see the hole and the big area of carpet missing. I still cannot get over the fact that they are going to put the carpet back, especially since they piled the concrete AND dirt on it on the grass by our front door. The jack-hammer is chillin in the hallway:

They wanted to bring this back in the house because he said it was dry. EWW!! You can see the water stains. I made him put this in our patio area because there was no way it was going back:

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