Saturday, June 19, 2010

Man Oh Man

It's been a while since I posted on here and I only saw it fit to update with a venting... Yes venting! I must vent! Just a little background on the situation: In December of last year, Will was in Vegas and I was working at Miller Barondess, LLP.. One morning I saw that my shower was clogged, but thought nothing of it. I worked a 10 hour day and came home to a smelly apartment... Turns out my shower flooded my bathroom. I called the after hours number [which turned out to be the manager's cell phone #], finally got a hold of her and explained the situation, telling her it's an emergency and she told me it wasn't an emergency because we have 2 bathrooms with a shower in it. She said she would be sending a plumber out the next day; mind you the fumes were super bad and I was told by Candice that it's not healthy to be inhaling it. I had to work the next day, so I prayed they came early in the morning. The plumber said he'd come when I got off work...That wasn't working for me, it needed to be done first thing in the morning, and first thing it was. All was well...


Yesterday morning, I went to take a shower because my friend Matt was graduating. I noticed the shower was clogged and was knocked out, so I didn't know if Will had taken a shower before he left for work. I put that on my list of things to do: Call the management company to let them know what was happening, so that I could avoid what happened in December. So I took a shower in the other bathroom, since I knew she'd tell me it wasn't an emergency, plus it didn't kill me to take a shower in the other bathroom... I called the management company after we ate and the manager wasn't there, but the secretary said she'd relay the message and send someone out to check it out; she took my number and said she'd get back to me. Well I needed to go the mall and pick up a corsette type thing for my dress in Candice's wedding and I needed to get it done before today...being as they hadn't called me back I figured they just didn't care. There was a little problem at the mall and I needed to go to a different one. On my way to the other mall at 6:35PM a plumber called me, he didn't speak very good english and said he was on his way. I told him I wasn't home and he told me to give him my address and to call him back when I got home. Jeremy came with me, but was asleep most of the time. When we got home around 7:20PM, we smelled something really bad. I thought it was the trash...actually, I prayed it was the trash... I headed into my room and it smelled HORRIBLE! Like worse than DECEMBER did... Turns out my bathroom area was flooded onto our bedroom carpet. I couldn't believe it. Not again was all I could think. When I went in the living room to tell Jeremy what it was, I stepped in a puddle of water, THEN realized it was wet along the living room wall and along the hallway. Of course this was all happening with Will not home. I couldn't believe he didn't tell me anything about it. I called the after hours number once again and COULD NOT get a hold of her for over an hour and a half. This was a super emergency because the smell was 100 times worse than last time and it was more flooded than last time. Oh forgot to mention, I COULD NOT get a hold of the plumber that called me AND I couldn't leave him a message either. Seriusly, what plubmer doesn't have a voicemail????

Anywho, I told her that she always sends people who barely speak english to me and that's messed up and besides I couldn't get a hold of him. She told me another guy's number [the same guys that fixed it last time] and to give him a call in 10 minutes... Turns out he called me. I explained the situation to him and he says "Ok, I am not in my truck, but I'll come check it out and if it's bad, I'll go get my truck." ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! He also said it was going to take him 30-40 minutes to get here, this was at 8:57PM... Will got home a little before 10 and the plumber was still NOT there. Will couldn't believe what he was seeing and said it smelled fowl, which it totally did. FINALLY, at 10:20 the plumber shows up. Lucky him, he couldn't smell exactly how bad it was because he said he was getting over a cold or something. He also couldn't figure out why everything was flooded, until coming to the conclusion that something must've burst under the living room area to make there be a puddle before the hall. Actually, it was a BIG puddle. He also noticed my closet was damp...Great I was thinking about Will's dresser and my boxes being on the floor. He said there was nothing he could do that night because he needed some assistance or something. We knew we couldn't stay in that smell and that we'd have to go get a hotel, on management of course. I called her back and explained a little what happened and she said ok and for me to call the carper place... OH YEAH, forgot to mention that too... We got our carpet cleaned on JUNE 7TH... Yeah seems like that was for nothing too...ESPECIALLY since it's damaged and stinky now... BUT it's also in the room now. Will was heated.

Back to what I was saying...I told her we needed to stay at a hotel and she said that's fine "but not too expensive!!" Once again ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! I told her, "Well it's not gonna be cheap!" She said that's fine. Well, we're in a 2 bedroom 2 bath suite... YUP I said that. Matt and Star need a place to stay too...BUT she also had THE NERVE to ask me, "You don't have family you can stay with?" UMMMM NO!!! DO YOU FREAKIN' KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS??? LOL IT WAS AFTER 11PM!!! [Promise I didn't say that to her, but I sure was thinking it!!!]

So I had an appointment to get fitted for my dress today in Norwalk at 10 and told the plumber I wouldn't be available until after that. He said that wasn't a problem, to just call when I got home.  I made a small stop because it was down the street and it would make life easier on me. I headed home and called him when I got home, this was before 12PM. I also called the carpet cleaners and explained what happened and the guy told me he could send a guy out to do an estimate because there's no telling how much damage is done. He called back shortly after and said they were swamped and couldn't make it until Monday. I said ok and called the manager back. She didn't answer and I immediately called the plumber to find out where he was, he said he'd get to me in 30-40 minutes [he must love that number]. I talked to Will's mom for about a half an hour and still no plumber. He didn't show up until like 1:30PM. He came in with a huge snake and snaked out the shower and then came in with a jack hammer...yes jack hammer!! I was stuck bored while watching him cut up the carpet and make this GInormous hole in my living room. I kept thinking this can't be right. I called the manager once again and was finally able to get a hold of her. She told me she's been with the guy for 20 years and he knows what he's doing, not to worry about the mess they were making and that cost was being taken care of. GOOD because it's bad enough that we have to get 2 more nights here! There's no way we can stay in the fumes and everything SHOULD be done by TUESDAY...Yeah we'll see about that...

[A little note, I had something typed and it didn't save all the way. I wish you guys could have seen it, but this vent is good enough for now. I was trying to post pictures, but it's not allowing me... best believe you'll see them and think WTF? You'll be glad you can't smell it for sure!]

Have a good one...  more to come later!

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