Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sure has been a while...

Well... As you can tell I have been a very busy girl... Haven't been on my blog in a while, trust me I am working on it. It's just so hard right now to manage my time; work and sleep have consumed me. Now, we are being forced to move and it's work, sleep AND packing. I am doing all the packing... don't feel sorry or ask why I am not getting help... here's my reason: I won't have to move =) LOL! I do have to unpack because everything I am packing has a place and purpose. The downside to all of this, we still haven't found a new place. In time we will, but we ony have until May. We for sure will be out sooner.

I also have put looking for another job on the back burner until we find a place because at the moment, that's more important. BUT I did come to a grand conclusion. I had sent out a whole bunch of resumes, and did not hear from any of the place, which I found very odd... turns out, the program I was using for my resume, Open Office, wasn't being saved properly... NEEDLESS TO SAY, I either needed to get my hands on the Microsoft Office program OR freakin save the resume the right way... I opted to get my hands on the Office program. As I type, thanks to Yamo, we now have Office on this computer and I couldn't be more excited! You have no idea... AND it was FREE =)

I don't really have much more to say at this point, but I am going to update you guys with pictures... ENJOY!

Day 50: So every time I go to Target, I always make my way to the sock section and purchase a pair of socks for $1. These were the socks I rocked to league =) [February 27, 2011]

Day 51: Loving this shirt I bought from Target. I saw the yellow and well I love quotes, although it's not a qutoe, it still means something. [February 28, 2011]

Day 52: Will came home and said he wasn't feeling too well, that he was supe cold and his head was hurting. He had league that night and opted to bowl in his long john's. I had to catch this moment...Little did I know, the next day I would take him to the ER and find out he has Pneumonia [March 1, 2011]

Day 53: I bought this collage frame, dry erase board from Bed Bath & Beyond for 75% off [I still have one picture to go]. I came home to this on my bed. There's a note [my whol;e intentions of this board] from Will[March 2, 2011]

Day 54: I bought a box of oatmeal from Costco because I was getting a tad tired of eating just sandwiches on my lunch. Yummy Maple & Brown Sugar [March 3, 2011]

Day 55: Carne Asada Nachos from La Villa...BOMB! [March 4, 2011]

Day 56: One of my co-workers came to work with cookies and another wanted some, but couldn't leave work to go get them. I went and got them and he bought me a box for going =) Frozen Thin Mints are THE best! [March 5, 2011]

Day 57: Jeremy won money at Tournment Club and he said he'd treat Will and I to dinner. We went to Joey's in Manhattan Beach. Turned out to be quite the funniest dinner ever... the guy thought Jeremy was treating his parents! LOL This pulled pork sandwich was DELICIOUS[March 6, 2011]

Day 58: This was THE start to my MAJOR sweet tooth [March 7, 2011]

Day 59: Lasers - Lupe Fiasco. Will gave me a coopy AND I LOVE the inside! [March 8, 2011]

Day 60: I purchased this on CLEARANCE at Target, of course, and pulled it out of my drawer for inspiration. [March 9, 2011]

Day 61: My hands have been itching and burning because of the soap at work... this was my last resort [March 10, 2011]

Day 62: I went to wash clothes and when I was putting my basket into the car, I hit this part in the back of my passenger seat, this little bump, is the result. Man did it hurt. SN: still does! [March 11, 2011]

Day 63: Will finished his tattoo in honor of his grandmother Gloria [March 12, 2011] 

Day 64: Dinner at The Counter with Matt Jones, his friend, Lesia, Jerry, and Will. I went to the bathroom and this was the sign... LOL the woman is sitting down! That's classic! [March 13, 2011]

Day 65: My favorite "to go" ice cream [as opposed to the ice cream scoops]. I had this in honor of my friend Tina's birthday =) [March 14, 2011]

Day 66: They spelled Jeremy's name wrong AGAIN at league LOL [March 15, 2011]

Day 67: I couldn't wait to wear these socks to league... and they were PINK! SN: I went back and bought a pair with blue and I am rockin' them as I type =) [March 16, 2011]

Day 68: Our FREE GREEN shake [on the right] from The Counter. They had a deal, that if you "Liked" their Facebook page and showed them, you'd receive a free green shake... twas a good dinner... Plus this picture is even funnier because we got there like 5 minutes before they closed. Will called us "the last minute bandits" [March 17, 2011]

Day 69: I cut myself on one of the registers at work. The cut doesn't look big, but hurt and stung more than you know. My boss said to put super glue on it and I let him do it... He put TOO much and they got a little stuck together [March 18, 2011]

Day 70: I went to Panda, while Will was at work because he hates when I want that. This was my fortune [March 19, 2011]

Day 71: Too cute![March 20, 2011]

Day 72: Kevin Yamo scored 95 points for SMARTIES against me in Wods with Friends [March 21, 2011]

Day 73: Bacon HAM Bravo with cucumbers and avocados... My altered Bacon Turkey Bravo because I don't like turkey.  [March 22, 2011]

Day 74: I'm half there... sort of... My black TRAINER hat...just waiting on the name tag [March 23, 2011]

Day 75: Target trip with Star and Leilani. We put bunny ears on her and she gave me a smile with my first attempt at taking a picture <3 [March 24, 2011]

Day 76: Bought a big pack of gum from Costco so that I could relieve stress from work, by chewing gum... Definitely helped and made me more of a chain gum chewer [March 25, 2011]

Day 77: Will and his partner Cora at the PCB Doubles Tournament at Yorba Linda Bowl... she's one funny woman! [March 26, 2011]

I know this is long, but you guys are updated all the way through yesterday =)

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