Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lucky. [It's a long one]

Well aren't you guys lucky... nothing better to do than update you all on week 7 of my project. It's funny, I was thinking that time sure does fly when you take a picture a day, no joke. I feel like I just started this and I am already on day 50! No picture for today yet, but I figured, since I am off today and at work with Will, it's the perfect time to update the pictures so that I won't fall too behind... this week =)

I was also thinking, I do need to blog more, but I figure if I am updating you guys with pictures, you'd see, just a little, of what's going on in my life...

Work is stressful [yes I know it's a job], but I am starting to wonder if it's actually worth this stress. Me being the type of person I am, looked up "unnecessary stress in the workplace" on Google and found that it is most definitely not good for your health...Of course, now I am more paranoid than ever because I don't want anything serious to happen to my health, while working at Panera. Now when I was hired, the manager was totally aware that this would only be temporary because of me having a degree. I really don't want temporary to turn into YEARS. One good thing has came out of working there [probably more than I am mentioning, but you'll see my point], but mt hard work was FINALLY noticed...In reference to a previous blog, I said I had good news to share... The good news is Arisha was promoted to TRAINER! Yeah! It comes with a black hat, a nifty name tag, and some coins added to the little I make already. Mind you, I've only been working there since the end of October. With all this good, there's too much drama, with employees and the amazingly dumb [sorry to say, it's true] customers. I know things will get better, it just feels like something I heard before, things have to get worse before they get better... or something like that. Sorry for my little work vent; there's more to it, I just tried to give a little gist of it...

LOL if it's not one thing, it's another... What I think is funny about the whole stressful situation at work, things with Will and I going great <3

I don't really have much else to share, so here's my week in pictures...

Week 7:

Day 43: We waited at the Valet, before leaving Laughlin, for over an hour. This guy suggested, since we saw our car, to stand near it so they think we're stealing it... so Jeremy went, but that didn't last long -- security made him move [February 20, 2011] 

Day 44: I was totally a bumb, until Star left for work. When Will had came home, he told me he missed me all day, while he was at work. It seriously feels great that someone you love, more specific your significant other, comes home and tells you they miss you. This is before we went to sleep that night <3 [Febraury 21, 2011]

Day 45: On Friday, my buddy Candice Williams, who is pregnant, posted that in 10 months she hasn't wanted alcohol, but wanted a good margarita with salt and for someone to drink one for her. I got around to doing so... boy was this thing strong! [February 22, 2011]

Day 46: After 4 days off I am back to work. Sergio, apparently hurt his finger and the manager said he couldn't work unless it was wrapped... this is the finished product: glove, JAVA JACKET, and scotched tape! [February 23, 2011]

Day 47: At my mom's [if you only knew why] and Lady [the dog] loves her some Will [February 24, 2011]

Day 48: After being at Panera for over 12 hours, I needed to stop at Costco to pick up my pictures and to get a few other necessities =) [February 25, 2011]

Day 49: Jeremy has a goal... to make it in 150 of these photo, and he's well on his way. He put on my work shoes, thinking they were Matt's and said he had small feet... crazy boy! [February 26, 2011]

Man I am sleepy now... It was great "sleeping in" until 5, but I most definitely could've slept longer. This is all for now <3 Have a good one! 

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