Thursday, June 30, 2011

You're the Best Mommy, I love you . . .Not!

Today I am 15 weeks, 3 days. Nothing spectacular happened this week... I had a little scare yesterday... I was having some "period-like" cramps [nothing to worry about]. It turns out all I needed to do was drink a little more water. I called the emergency room [labor an delivery] and they said because I was less than 20 weeks, I couldn't go see them because I wasn't bleeding or leaking... They said if the pain got worse, either go to the ER or try and get in to see my OB. Thankfully, the water helped and so did the nap. A co-worker thinks it's because of stress and I must admit the past 2 days have been stressful. I had to open with someone I didn't want to open with. I had shifts where by the time I was on break, I felt as if I worked a full 8-hour day! Not good. Hopefully, that's over.

I am getting excited that tomorrow is July and puts us closer to finding out what we are having =)

Today, I had a massive craving for In N Out! So I satisfied it =)

Also, I would like to leave you with one of the cutest things I have heard. Most definitelu my laugh of the day, perhaps week...

So I headed to the bathroom, for the upteenth time, and this mom was in the stall with her daughter, here goes:

Mom: "You need to go pee!"
Daughter: "But I don't have to pee, mommy!"

Mom: "Come on, go to the bathroom."

Daughter: "But I don't need to go."

Mom: "Fine! If you don't go pee, we aren't going to Disneyland today."

[I'm in the next stall making a face]

Daughter: "Nooooo mommy!"

Like 2 seconds later . . . The daughter is peeing . . .

Mom: "Ooohhh what's that? I thought you didn't have to pee?"

She proceeds to wipe her daughter, but apparently didn't get it all...

Daughter: "You forgot some mommy!"

I guess she wipes her all the way and says,

Mom: "There how bout you say 'Thank You Mommy'?"

Daughter: "Thank you mommy."

Mom: "You're the best mommy, I love you."

Daughter: "You're not the best!" 

Mom was flabbergasted, she let out a little laugh and then they washed their hands.

So it must seem like I was in there forever, but I wasn't. Let me tell you, this convo definitely put a smile on my face. The little gorl was too cute. 

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