Tuesday, June 21, 2011

14 Weeks, 1 Day

What a week it's been. I'm surprised that a lot of people on Facebook didn't know I was pregant, after both of us posted it on May 16th. But it's ok, I don't mind repeating that I am pregnant.

Not to scare anyone, but Friday was the worse case of morning sickness I had. I haven't really had it bad, but Friday came out of no where. I woke up, felt fine, got in the shower, still felt fine, before I got out, things turned for the worse, I threw up like 4 times. I freaked out and yelled for Will. He is so supportive, he asked if I wanted him to take me to the hospital. I appreciated it, but I knew it'd pass. The thing that sucked is I had to go to work and I felt icky the whole day. Saturday I felt better, but still gross.

On Sunday I slept in with Will and got up and went to go watch Jeremy bowl JAT. It gave me something to do on my da off. I was sneezing all day. I got home around 4 and after that, it was downhill from there. My throat started hurting and along came the stuffy/runny nose. I was in trouble. I've been trying to avoid getting sick, but there was no denying it this time, it was coming. I woke up every hour that night and on Monday morning it got worse LOL... my left arm was hurting. I must've slept wrong because it hurt me to bend it and stretch it out. Why me? Being sick was one thing, but my arm was kiling me. I had to make an appointment with the doctor. I went in and what gets to me is he didn't know I was pregnant! He asked me why I hadn't already taken medicine for the pain, uh duh buddy, I'm pregnant. He was like, oh. So the doctors was pretty much a wasted trip for me, but I needed to know how bad it was. He did take a throat culture, but doubts it's Strep. He said most likely it's a viral infection and to drink plenty of fluids.

Today, I woke up, after waking up every hour again, with minimum pain in my arm, thank God, and my sore throat wasn't as bad. My nose, was a different story, but as long as I can get the mucous to come up, I am down with it LOL. I also had my Pre Natal appointment today. I just have to say IT'S HARD TO PEE ON COMMAND! I made sure to drink some water before going so that I'd b ready for it, but nope I couldn't d it. The nurse took my vitals and jus brought me in the room.When the midwife came in she told me about upcoming appointments and what not and then we listened to the baby's heartbeat. It took her a minute to find, but it's there =) Nice and strong. The thing that baffled her is that I am losing weight, but no need to worry because the baby is growing. I can't say I am not eating, I guess I just need to eat more.

Will and I went to eat after that and it was a nice time. When I came home, I tried to relax some more and my mo called and left a message saying it's important. I had to call her back. It turns out, she bought me acrib, like she said she would. She had originally told me to pick one out, but she couldn't pass the deal up. It came with a FREE mattress. I guess I can't really complain, it was free and a great baby gift. Here's what our baby will be sleeping in when he/she arrives:

The good thing about this crib is that it's convertible, meaning it'll eventually turn into a full size bed =) It becomes a Day Bed and a Toddler Bed first. It's cute to me. Neutral as well so it works for boy or girl. It should arrive tomorrow or the day after.

Nothing else to post. Pictures of me will be coming soon. I don't feel like I am showing yet so no need to tak any... but soon. LoL I swear I can see a bump, but not Will. Have a good one guys!

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