Tuesday, December 6, 2011

1.5 cm

Yup, that's how dilated I am =) I found that out at today's doctor's appointment. Today felt like a real appointment. I saw a different doctor today, the one I saw in the very beginning. The nurse had me undress, waist down and I knew that meant I would be examined. She measured my stomach and said I am measuring between 38-39 weeks, which is good. She took his heartbeat and it was a strong 138. She then examined me and man did it hurt lol, but was worth it finding out that I am starting to dilate. What was funny is when I was telling the story to Will, he was like the pain's gonna get worse. How reassuring is he? LOL. Bless his heart, there's no sugar coating! I like that. I know the pain will get worse, but man lol. Since I blogged a couple days ago, there's not much more for me to leave you with... So here's my survey:

How far along? 38 Weeks, 1 Day... Super Closer!

Total weight gain/loss: I have gained and come to terms with it. Woo hoo! I lost a pound. So last week I gained nothing and this time I lost a pound.
Maternity clothes? Love the shorts still... I was forced, by mother nature, to wear sweats on Wednesday....so not comfy to me... But I only have 1 pair of maternity pants.

Stretch marks? Small ones are coming more and more to the surface on my lower area... no big deal as mentioned before, I had pre pregnancy stretch marks, so I am ok with this.

Sleep: The past 2 days have been hard. The falling asleep part. I guess since I am not working, my body says I don't need to be in bed early and I still had naps LOL. Also, this darn sore throat is not helping my situation. This morning we closed the window all the way [it was cracked like 1/2 inch and still FREEZING in the room], hopefully that helps.
Best moment this week: Finding out that I am dilating. I was getting a little snervous about it. My butt's been hurting and my vagina area, sorry if you didn't wanna know that, but it had to be mentioned. Also, when I wake up to go pee it kills me to walk the first time. I keep hearing that's normal and I'm getting closer. Now I am really starting to believe it!
Movement: As much as he can he does, which is a lot. I swear he's trying to find a way out =)

Food cravings: I have a MAJOR sweet tooth! I can definitely blame the baby! Before pregnancy I wasn't too into sweets and man I can't love without them. I want chocolate cake, ice cream, or banana pudding....something LOL. I also could go for iced tea right now!

Gender: Boy! <3

Labor Signs: Getting closer. Been having little cramps. Plus, like I said, the doc felt his head so it's just a matter of time <3
Belly Button in or out? In [same]

Wedding rings on or off? No wedding ring, but my Promise Ring still fits. [same...I hope it stays!]

What I miss: Iced tea again... that's what I get for talking about it earlier with Candice.
What I am looking forward to: Next weeks appointment... If I make it that far =)
Weekly Wisdom: The only thing that's going to matter is my little family!

Milestones: Hitting the 38 weeks and dilating <3

Special thanks to Candice for taking me to the doc today. It was definitely one with laughs. I appreciate it! <3

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