Tuesday, December 13, 2011

39+ weeks...

Yesterday, I hit the 39 week mark. Most people predicted or should I say thought it would be more convenient to have him yesterday, but he isn't here. I sure thought he would come. I was cramping like no other yesterday, but not where it was massive, to my knowing, of contractions. At the doctor's last week I had mentioned that to the doctor about cramping and stuff... she asked me about Braxton Hicks and I told her I wasn't sure because I am unable to time anything. She told me I will definitely know and there's a lull in between. So I am just having cramps, what I've read to be signs labor CAN be near. Seriously, yeaterday, I felt like I was on my period.

Today, I woke up with Will, at around 4something. He had to open. I was hurting, but not as bad as yesterday. I think it was because I had to pee so bad. It's like I don't know I have to pee, but my body wants to let me sleep longer and wait to the very end...in turn hurting badly. I woke up around 9:15, after waking up at :15 to pee. I ate something, caught up on my DVR'd shows, washed dishes, and decided I needed to nap a bit. I napped, woke up, showered, and went for a walk. Man do my legs hurt. I walked around the block. Let me just say that the block is bigger than you would think. I got around the corner and thought to myself "man I should've pee'd first!" LOL that made the walk a little harder, but I survived! Will came home and asked how I felt, I told him I was sore still, but not as bad as yesterday. I felt like I worked like a slave yesterday, and all I did was sit in a dentist office, went to lunch with Will, my sister, Krischna, and Kaylyn. That was full of laughs too! But yeah, pretty much did NOTHING yesterday.

I must add that I am not miserable and I am not trying to induce labor. Yes my ASS literally hurts, but I am not like OMG GET HIM OUT. It would be nice to have him, but he's going to come when he is good and ready. I am thinking tomorrow, but we can't be sure. I just thought that since my co-worker calle dme getting pregnant this year, having a boy, she also said months ago that I would have him on the 14th.... I figure if anyone is going to call it, it'd be her. Ok survey time...

How far along? 39 Weeks, 1 Day... Super DOOPER Closer!

Total weight gain/loss: I have gained and come to terms with it. I haven't had my doctor's appointment this week... It's scheduled for Thursday.

Maternity clothes? Love the shorts still... I was forced, by mother nature, to wear sweats on Wednesday....so not comfy to me... But I only have 1 pair of maternity pants. [same]

Stretch marks? Small ones are coming more and more to the surface on my lower area... no big deal as mentioned before, I had pre pregnancy stretch marks, so I am ok with this. [same]

Sleep: My goodness I can sleep ALL day if I could LOL. But we're so busy trying to get stuff ready for Jaedyn's arrival... Plus my mother is coming Thursday.
Best moment this week: Feeling more pressure.
Movement: As much as he can he does, which is a lot. I swear he's trying to find a way out =)

Food cravings: Not really... I could go for pineapple, cake, carne asada tacos though.... Not all together just, they sound yummy... Maybe it's cause I am hungry right now! OMG I was craving a Coke and last night I had one... I felt weird after, but it was good!
Gender: Boy! <3

Labor Signs: Getting closer <3

Belly Button in or out? In [same]

Wedding rings on or off? No wedding ring, but my Promise Ring still fits. [same...I hope it stays!]

What I miss: Iced tea

What I am looking forward to: Hopefully, meeting my little one BEFORE his due date [the 19th]

Weekly Wisdom: The only thing that's going to matter is my little family!

Milestones: Hitting the 39 weeks mark and HOPEFULLY dilating more <3

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