Sunday, April 21, 2013

One month plus...

**Apparently this didn't post when I did it**

Yes, one month plus since I've blogged... But more importantly, my little Ja'Kobe is one month and 2 days {get it, plus? Lol}. I figured I should really, I know I say it a lot, start blogging more. Especially since I have two little ones. I know they'll keep me busy, but they grow so much and so fast.

Here's a little recap... Because Jaedyn got stuck and was almost 9lbs at birth, my midwife suggested I have a c-section. If that was going to be the case, I wanted the same doc who delivered Jaedyn, to deliver Ja'Kobe. I switched over. She really advised it because of stuff I underwent with this pregnancy. We finally scheduled the procedure for March 12, 2013. I wanted the 11th because it's my second mom's birthday and what better gift on your birthday, than the gift of life? Sadly, my doc was unavailable that day, meaning I just settled with the 12th.

At my last appointment, she informed me that there was something going on at the hospital the day we planned and we needed to pick a different date. Our options were the 11th or 13th. Perfect! I called Will at work to confirm, but we were set. Nervousness really sank in. I had a countdown on Facebook and it was pushed up a day. I was scared as it was to have the c-section and he was coming earlier! I prepared myself as much as I could. Went and got my hair done earlier, bought Jaedyn's other carseat, cleaned up the apartment, one last time, packed my hospital bag, and just enjoyed the time I had left with my family of three, before it became a family if four.

It was planned that my buddy Candice would watch Jaedyn while, as her dad put it, it goes down lol. Her car had other plans. We brought Jaedyn to her and arrived a half an hour later than we were supposed to... Oh well!

The nurse made me more nervous. Baby was monitored, while the nurse asked me a million questions. I was hooked up to an IV... She really hurt me! The anesthesiologist came in and explained to my chicken self what was going to happen and asked if I had questions. Of course! The doctor came in and asked if I had anymore questions... Of course! I asked her to please talk to me during the procedure to make me feel better. Then it was time. The nurse rushed us out of triage... Great I was more scared.

I'm not going to go into much detail now, but want to mention I was scared if the needle in my back and I must say, the darn IV hurt MORE! Like a lot more. Everything went quickly after that...

Ja'Kobe Jerome Jackson was born at 12:41 PM. He weighed 8lbs 11oz and was 21 inches long. Perfect! Now the fun begins... Recovery!

Wasn't too bad, definitely felt weird coming out of being numb. We were discharged on Thursday the 14th. I was really missing my Jaedyn. It felt good to be home and able to have a real shower and to sleep in my own bed! Will was very helpful. I was {still am} exclusively breast feeding. Things went well... Still are :)

Now I'm not gonna bore you with more details...

•Ja'Kobe is a month old.
•I've had my four week checkup; doctor says my incision is healing nicely.
•A birth control plan has been put into effect.
•Ja'Kobe is gaining weight like a champ!
•Jaedyn loves his little brother!

I seriously could go on, but must tend to dirty diapers now... Thanks for reading!

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