Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sue Me

Jaedyn's 18 months... Ja'Kobe is almost 4 months. My last post was when Ja'Kobe was almost 2 months. I swear blogging gets away from me... It's weird though, I'm caught up on the blogs I follow; just can't seem to update my own. I'm going to make a goal to update once a week {ha ha}... Lets see how that goes. 

He never seizes to amaze us. He's always getting into things and making us laugh along the way. He's a smarty. A very fast learner too. On Thursday, his Papa Bret taught him how to catch with 2 hands, and he showed off those skills to his Nana and daddy on Friday. Now he's a two hand catching machine. He sure knows how to test his mommy, especially when I'm feeding his little brother. When Ja'Kobe was younger {like he's so old now},Jaedyn seemed to show more affection toward him, now it seems nonexistent. We're working on that though. He loves his little brother, but he's not understanding that Ja'Kobe is younger than him and can't play back... Yet! 

This little guy is so advanced. He's growing before our eyes. I mean, don't get me wrong, Jaedyn did too, but it seems Ja'Kobe is doing stuff quicker. He's sitting up {not on his own, but will if you position him} and he's rolling onto his belly. He's also quite the talker. My little fella has lots to say. He admires his big brother, can't take his eyes off him. He's very happy, like his big brother was, always smiling. I can't wait til he starts giggling! 

Family First
Saturday, my sister offered to let us have a date night, but that fell through. I'm breast feeding Ja'Kobe and not pumping. He's on a 3 hour schedule and we wanted to see White House Down, but it's 2 hours and 17 mins, not including previews. We could've seen it, but the show times weren't in our favor. Instead, we made it a family thing, my sister's idea, and went and saw Monsters University. It was Jaedyn's first movie going experience and wasn't a complete disaster. I think what really threw it off was the short film before the actual movie started. Jaedyn couldn't sit still, not a problem, Will and my sister let him be free with limits... Then he pooped... Of course! I had Ja'Kobe fed and content. He was talking up a storm. Seriously was so cute! My sister, bless her heart, took Jaedyn to change his diaper. Then Jaedyn got ultra fussy. He was tired. Will got him to go to sleep. All in all, it was a good thing to experience. I'll wait til he's older to see another movie. I do want to see Planes, but I don't think Jaedyn would last. Won't hurt to try. 

Big News
No I'm not pregnant again. That won't happen til Ja'Kobe is potty trained! But, something we've been waiting for has finally happened... Will passed his driving test for UPS! Woo hoo! One step closer to becoming a driver... All he needs now is to pass the big test at the end of a class he has to take... With me for a wife, it shouldn't be a problem 😉

^^before Father's Day 

^^on Father's Day 

^^he got close to his brother. Makes me nervous and happy at the same time lol. 

^^show stopper like Jaedyn 

^^ see what I mean! 

I take lots of pics of my boys, but Jaedyn's such a busy body and has caught onto my mamarazzi tendencies and runs. He's a little stinker. But I'll be sure to capture more. 

One more thing
We took Jaedyn to get his hair cut for the first time! Cutest thing ever and was captured by my amazing friend and blogged. Check it out here 


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