Friday, July 12, 2013


I made a post last week and I'm doing one now... Go me!

It's been a long week...

 My sister came last weekend. We went and washed clothes at my MIL's on Saturday. Bummed around the next two days. On Monday I decided I need to get up and go. Jaedyn's been difficult to put to bed, more on that in a bit, and I figured I needed to do something, since having my csection. Not taking any chances so I decided to do a mile walk... Well I didn't know it was a mile, actually 1.3 miles, until I did it and tracked it. I've done it Monday through Friday. This is gonna be my summer routine, when home {going to Vegas next week}. I'm feeling good.

As you've read above, is becoming difficult to put to bed. He wakes up between 10:30-11:30 and naps between 3-6. This is recent. He fights his naps. The later the nap, the more he fights to stay awake. Will works early in the morning so Jaedyn being up at 1, is not the business. I used to not let Jaedyn sleep past 8, then changed it to 7. After this week, I don't want naps past 5 or 6. I thought it'd be a good idea to get Jaedyn on a schedule when Will starts driving - waking up at 8, breakfast, play, nap, yadda yadda, and bed early... Yeah we're not waiting. Woke him up early Wednesday, he napped early, while at Costco, and was up the rest of day. Even after our walk. Yesterday, we woke him up early again, went to wash clothes, yes again {boys clothes and ours}, he napped shortly, went to Target,took Will to get his hair braided, and on the way home, Jaedyn fell asleep... Big mistake! On our walk he was fussy, home he was fussy... Thought he was sleepy... Nope! What the heck!?! Today, I woke him at 9:45, he napped from 2:30-4... On our walk, he fell asleep and I didn't know until 2 ladies walking by said in Spanish how cute he was SLEEPING! Bet your ass I woke him up. We walked, he fussed, and got over it. Praying he goes to sleep tonight...

Turned 4 months yesterday. My baby baby is getting big. I see why parents say they want another one. He's starting to grab his toys more and talks oh so much. All in all a pretty happy baby. 

I've been having problems going to sleep as well. You'd think after being up, feeding Ja'Kobe, regulating Jaedyn, and running around being a wife and mom, that it opulent be hard for me to fall asleep at damn near 1 in the morning. Well, my freaking brain won't turn off. Luckily, I fell asleep last night. Hoping to continue lol 

Vegas next week... Gonna be fun!

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