Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happpppy... New... Yeeeaaar... Birrthday !

Hey all... Tomorrow is my 25th birthday. I am so behind on my blog, that I am attempting to try & update as much as possible...

2010 Recap:

I turned 24.
Visited Laughlin for the first time.
Lost the best job that had ever happened to me [but it was expected; the case was over]
Gained new roommates & friends
Got a job with the 2010 Census... was let go early
Was jobless from May to October
Participated in the biggest day of Candice's life & gained more family from it
Almost lost her [Candice], but God couldn't let her leave us, shortly after
Got a job at Panera Bread in Westchester, by LAX [stop by!]
My boog turned 1 [Krischna's daughter Kaylyn]
Gained another niece in my extended family [Leilani Lynn Tucker; pic follows]
My buddy Jenalee became a mommy & boy is he adorable!
Christmas came and went. Felt like another day, but was nice to be with family.

And's already 2011. I tried to be as brief as possible =)

So I got this idea from Candice's blog... she posted her goals for the year and wanted to know some of ours... here goes mine...

Turn 25 =)
Start the 365 Day Project [If I had the internet at home, there'd be a pic a I will post in segments]
Fill my picture frames [I have so many cute ones, without pictures in them]
Find a job in my career.
Take the Paralegal course offerred at Dominguez [just gotta come up on the $$]
Be a more positive person [so far so good]
Go to the gym more [membership fees are my motivation]
Lose weight so I can post some pics.
Blog more
Learn to put myself first a little more.
Love harder <3

They are all reachable and I probably will have more to add, but for now, those are all I can think of. I honestly, just need to be more positive. Good news may be coming my way to the blog as well. I shall keep you updated. For now, I will leave you with 2 pictures of my little La La <3

Photos taken by: Love, Candee Photography

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