Saturday, February 12, 2011

As Promised...

Like anyone actually cares, lol, here's my updated pics from my 365 Day Project, if you haven't seen it on Facebook alrady... Here's week 4...

Day 22: This is our recap from our Sunday night league at Midtown...WE LOST TO 2 HANDICAP BOWLERS!!! Needless to say our averages will be going down [January 30, 2011]

Day 23: My back brake light was out and this is the result of ME vs. THE BROKEN BULB...Obviusly, I lost [January 31, 2011]

Day 24: My car was on E... I was literally scared I wouldn't make it home... I did! When my car has a full tank of gas, I feel SOOOO much better [February 1, 2011]

Day 25: The new edition to my extended family... My Aunt Misty welcomed Baby Aubrey into the world on her parent's 45th Wedding Anniversary... it's also the day before her big brother's [pictured] birthday [February 2, 2011]

Day 26: So Jeremy is CRAZY... he wrote the letters "J" and "G" on my car because he said he was going to get that tatted on his arms... you'd have to see it in person, but it's pretty funny... dance and all [February 3, 2011]

Day 27: EVERY Friday, a father comes in with his daughter and he orders her a WHIPPED CREAM WITH A SMIDGE OF HOT CHOCOLATE =) I had to take a picture this time [February 4, 2011]

Day 28: By far THE funniest thing that has happened between Matt and his daughter Leilani. He was changing her poopy diaper and the smell was so bad, he said "Time out" and went to grab his girlfriend's pajama pants and tied them around his face to guard the STANK...LOL... Shortly after he was done changing her, she peed on him, well their bed; big puddle! [February 5, 2011]

Week 5 will be up within the next week because I still need a Day 35 =) Have a good one all! Hope you're enjoying my days in pictures! <3

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