Friday, February 25, 2011

My Bad, My Bad...

Yikes! My goal is to update you guys weekly on my 365 Day Project, if nothing else and I have been slipping... I must say though, it's a pretty fun project =) I am loving thinking of things to take pictures of or just getting lucky =)

Week 5:

Day 29: Super Bowl Sunday at the Yamo's Residence... Bacon Wrapped Lil' Smokies!!! Yummy in the tummy! [February 6, 2011]

Day 30: This has got to be one of my new favorite shirts. I love the Flinstones and can rarely find something for an "adult"... I lucked out in the Junior section at Kohl's and HAD to make this purchase =) [February 7, 2011]

Day 31: Went to wash clothes with Star and decided that it was time to wash our comforter... I LOVE having a clean, fresh smelling bed! [February 8, 2011]

Day 32: Washington, our Manager's, birthday celebration... Miriam, one of our shift supervisers, was having a little too much fun with the "killer knives" [February 9, 2011]

Day 33: I went to pick Star up from work at almost 10 at night... this is me DEAD STOPPED on the 710 freeway... had to take a picture! [February 10, 2011]

Day 34: My head's been hurting lately and this has gotten me through this particular week... The gum, has kept me sane! [February 11, 2011]

Day 35: Sergio, a co-worker, needs a hair cut... don't you think? LOL [February 12, 2011]

Week 6:

Day 36: After our Valentine's Dinner at Reb Lobster. I love when pictures come out wrong, but look so good =) [February 13, 2011]

Day 37: I had a coupon for 40% off a book at Borders and I wanted to take advantage =) I bought these books for my reading pleasure for the upcoming weekend in Laughlin [February 14, 2011]

Day 37: LOL Jeremy's last name is wrong! [February 15, 2011]

Day 39: This little tree is in the front of our place... looks better with the blossoms <3 [February 16, 2011]

Day 40: This was after 10 days of work and a 2 hour meeting meeting later, this is what I left to see... the sun set [February 17, 2011]

Day 41: This sign is on the way to Laughlin...last year, it freaked Will out a little... so this year I had to take the picture [February 18, 2011]

Day 42: We went to see "No Strings Attached" and after we saw it, there were pop corn tubs and Will STOLE it!!!! [February 19, 2011]

This is where it ends because my week isn't over... not so much detail this time, but I still love them <3

Have a good weekend guys!

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