Thursday, July 7, 2011

In love.

A few months ago at work, a customer came in with THE cutest diaper bag I've seen... AND it was a backpack. I told myself that whenever I have a baby, I'd want something cute like that. It looked handmade, so I was thinking it's on Etsy. I kinda, put that off to the side though. However, with my planning ways, I realized I haven't picked out a diaper bag and figured that would be the hardest... until now!

My friend Diana, who's also expecting, posted on Facebook today how she got her diaper bag and loves it. I suggested she post pics, you know 'cause inquiring moms want to know =) She posted a pic from the website... I Google-d the brand and BOOM, I found the cute bag!! I love it:

I want it and am now VERY determined to get one! Maybe not the one in my pic, but it makes me more eager to find out the sex of our baby!

Have a good one <3

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