Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"You have a penis growing inside of you!"

When I was 15, I met the Haynes' family along with the Estrada girls. Gina, was pregnant with Sydney. She aslo had 2 daughter, Darien [the oldest] and Elena [The soon to be middle child]. Gina is married to Bret. I became their babysitter, and soon, I was a part of their family. They introduce me sometimes as their daughter, which I love. I definitely consider Gina a second mom to me. Never had the father around, and Bret is funny! Anywho, I needed to introduce the family just a little so you guys would know who I was talking about in this post.

Darien is now 19, attending my Alma Mater, CSU, Fullerton. She's also CPR Certified... I say this because when I told her I was pregnant, I said she was my #1 pick for a babysitter, over Sydney, who's only 10. I mean Gina would be there, but the age sort of gets to me. I was babysitting at 13. Anyway, I had told Darien this and she was like, "I'm better qualified and CPR Certified...wanna see my card?" OMG! That was the funniest thing I heard... Until today...

I told her mom yesterday we were having a boy, she's thrilled there's finally gonna be a boy in the group. I told Bret while he was at work, and he seemed excited. I waited on Darien to text or call to find out, but she didn't...

Today at work on my break, I texted Darien and asked her if she wanted to know... Here's how it went:

Me: Soooo... Do you wanna know?

Darien: Yes!!

Me: What do you want me to be having?

Darien: Well either one I'm gonna love!

Me: It's a BOY!!
[I put the name chosen, but I am saving that for his arrival, unless you're lucky enough to already know]

Darien: No way! OMG yay!!! You have a penis growing in you!

Me: LMAO! Did I ever need that laugh! When are you off? [I asked so she can come register with me, if she wanted... maybe Target or Wal*Mart]

Darien: LOL IDK this is so exciting now I can buy stuff!

Me: Me too! I'm gonna need a bunch of clothes, considering all my girl friends have girls!

Darien: No problem I'm gonna buy all the cute stuff

Me: I'd expect nothing less of Auntie Darien :-) She has good taste!

Darien: I'm gonna be called an aunty?? OMG this is the happiest day of my life

Me: Duh!!

Darien: LOL

First, she had me laughing about a "penis growing inside of me" and then I make her day. Let me tell you, the way the morning started, this was a great conversation...funny too and I thought I would share with you guys

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  1. Haha! The title alone has me cracking up. I never really thought about it that way, but she is right!