Thursday, August 18, 2011

He's Kickin'

Right now =)

It's funny!! It tickles from the inside... That's one way for me to describe the kicks. Poor Will, will never get to experience it. Luckily, sometimes, when I feel him move, I grab Will's hand and he can feel it too. When he does feel it, he smiles like no other. He's pretty excited.

We went last week, and I know I said I was gonna post again, to get a 3d/4d ultrasound done. I have all the pics posted on my Facebook. It was a tad scary, all his features aren't there yet, but there is definitely a baby inside me [LOL]. The tech said, don't tell me what you're having, I want to check... Sure enough WE ARE OFFICIALLY HAVING A BOY. Although he didn't cooperate much in giving us a head shot, he sure was moving and was not shy... he opened his legs and said "Yup! I'm a boy!" [We have the DVD to prove it!] Here's, what I think is Will and my favorite, pic that came out of this experience:

He was flexing his muscles! It was too cute! We also decided too that we're going to be going back at 29 weeks to get a better look at him =) We can't wait!

Something funny for you to read, or at least funny to me...

So Will falls asleep A LOT on the couch and instead of me being nice about waking him up, LOL, apparently, I'm mean about it. Last night I couldn't tell if he was awake or asleep and I yelled "Babe!" I scared the crap out of him [was not my intention]... Anyway... here was his response:

Just wait, I'm gonna get Jaedyn to go in the room when you're asleep and yell "Mommy"
[As he is saying this he raises his hands and makes THE funniest face].
He also said then they're gonna laugh and run out the room!!
I kid you not I was laughing so hard, I sent myself to the bathroom and was crying on the toilet [TMI]

It might not be funny to you, but you most definitely had to be there.

Not much else to report...Here's my weekly survey:

How far along? 22 weeks, 3 days 

Total weight gain/loss: Not too sure. I was told to not have a scale while pregnant. I won't know what I weigh until I see the doc on the 30th of this month. I officially look like I'm pregnant =)

Maternity clothes? Love my shorts... still fit in shirts. [same]

Stretch marks? Just the ones I already had [same and hope it stays that way!]

Sleep: OMG! The fan we had BROKE! I had the worst sleep so far... I slept wild! I went Monday and purchased a fan at Costco... it felt lovely after... I guess I need the fan to sleep because it doesn't give me a chance to be hot and uncomfortable.
Best moment this week: Monday night, when we were watching Rio, I put Will's hand on my belly to where he was kicking and he felt it. He gave me the cutest smile. Also the fact that I am feelin him move more is exciting... I felt a high kick earlier, but I am thinking that was a punch LOL

Movement: See previous answer... Yes there's movement!
Food cravings: Panera Mac N Cheese! [same] Yesterday, I bought some S'More's Pop Tarts from Target and they're ABSOLUTELY delicious! WE want more!

Gender: Boy! <3 [not changing]

Labor Signs: Absolutely NOT thank you very much [until December]

Belly Button in or out? In [same]

Wedding rings on or off? No wedding ring, but my Promise Ring still fits. [same...I hope it stays!]

What I miss: Sweet Tea [of course], but I had some on Monday... I am fine in moderation... Right now, I could go for a PEPSI!
What I am looking forward to: More STRONGER movements =) [still feel this way!]

Weekly Wisdom: [sadly none]
Milestones: I'm over the hump!

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