Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Half Way There!

Yesterday, I hit the 20/20 mark =) I must say it felt rather good to hit that point. When I found out I was pregnant, it seemed like this day would take FOREVER to get here. I'm starting to see how fast this goes. I guess it's the end that's slow.

Last week, on Wednesday, I stopped at Babies R Us to start to register. I scanned a couple of items and then found a cute outfit on clearance that said "Handsome Like Daddy." I snapped a pic and sent that to Will. Also, when I was walking around, I stumbled across a pacifier set, 1 saying "Chick Magnet" and the other saying "Little Dude." It reminded me of 2 things, 1) The fact that Jerry, Will's best friend, says "What's up little dude" to everyone, 2) Finding Nemo. Crush is AWESOME! LOL. I planned on coming back the next day to buy them. So on Thursday, I went straight for the Clearance Rack and then headed to the pacifier area, to buy the set... I took down every single one and couldn't find it! I was so annoyed, I knew I should've bought it when I saw it. Oh well, it happens. Friday, I went back to Babies R Us to finish registering with Candice. That was fun. We went back to the pacifier area and low and behold, the first one I grab is the one I wanted! Lucky me =)

Saturday, Will and I registered at Target. I must admit, it was nice to see him get excited over scanning items.

Not much more to say, so I will leave you with my survey:

How far along? 20 weeks, 1 day

Total weight gain/loss: Not too sure. I was told to not have a scale while pregnant. I won't know what I weigh until I see the doc on the 30th of this month.

Maternity clothes? Love my shorts... still fit in shirts.

Stretch marks? Just the ones I already had

Sleep: Still can't complain, I wake up to pee, that's it. Thursday, I overslept an hour... BUT let me tell you! It was the best sleep I have ever had. I seriously have not slept so great, EVER! I don't know what happened, but I sure wish I could get sleep like that again and soon!

Best moment this week: Hitting the half way mark! Also, on Thursday, I was really having a bad day at work and Will was trying to calm me down, via text, which wasn't working, and all of a sudden KICK! Oh yeah, baby knew how to give me motivation <3
Movement: I'm feeling it more and more. Yesterday, I ate some mac n cheese, from Panera, and boy did he have a field day after...Me thinks he loves him some Mac N Cheese =)
Food cravings: Nothing out of the ordinary, but like mentioned above, I've been wanting the Panera Mac N Cheese =)
Gender: Boy! <3

Labor Signs: Absolutely NOT thank you very much

Belly Button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? No wedding ring, but my Promise Ring still fits.

What I miss: Sweet Tea. I had some on Saturday from Popeye's and OMG I miss it. I need to limit the caffeine intake though.
What I am looking forward to: More movement =)

Weekly Wisdom: This has nothing to do with being pregant, not sure that it makes me wise, but I heard this in a song today and well, I needed to hear it. Work's been stressing me out, which I know isn't good, but I need to stop letting it get to me. "Sometimes you gotta lose til you win" --Sugarland ♥

Milestones: Hitting the 20/20 mark is milestone enough for me this week =)

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