Monday, August 8, 2011

Mac N Cheese!

Seriously, this baby CANNOT get enough of it! So far, it's just Panera's, but man... It seems to make this little guy happy =) Great news too... Will and I had talked before our ultrasound and I told him if they can't determine the sex of the baby, we needed to get the 3D/4D one done because they can determine the gender. There was no way I could wait to find out the sex of our baby. The sex was determined, but then Will was thinking he really wanted the 3D/4D one done. I was telling that to my mom and told her we'd eventually get the ultrasound done, when we had the money. She told me the check for it would be in the mail! I was shocked. She's excited. Plus, I figure, they give a CD of pics that I can send to her and she can keep it, after I save them all on this computer of course. So I made the appointment for this Wednesday [prepare for at least 2 posts this week!]. We can't wait.

Work went a little better this week, although they aren't getting the idea that I am getting tired [literally] of opening. Luckily, I was able to switch with a co-worker on Wednesday and I went in to work at 11. It was a refresher, for sure, to be able to sleep. The bright side, is that I possibly will be getting more hours. I am trying to save up for this baby, even though we know he's going to be one spoiled baby.

Friday, I met up with a professor I had in college. It was nice to get to see her. When I told her I was having a boy, she was excited... Especially, since she was able to clear out some of her son's things. We met at Babies R Us and she offered me advice on what to have on my registry and what not to. Before that, she unloaded her car into mine... I feel super special and BEYOND blessed. She handed me a nursing pillow, Boppy, a pump, a payard, and 3 boxes full of clothes and sheets! I was a big weight lifted off my shoulder to see that a pump was suppied to me. I need to buy the tubing and the suction part, but that's not a problem to me. I'm gonna be spending, if I don't get it off my registry, at most $50 as opposed to paying $279 for the pump itself. I am forever grateful for this. We walked around the store and she made her suggestions. All of which I will be taking. I added a bit to my registry and think I might actually be done... Until the next cute thing comes along =) But seriously, I think I am done with it.

After Babies R Us we went to lunch to get my Panera Mac N Cheese fix. Had a nice little discussion on delivery and what not. After lunch, I walked over to Kohl's to get an outfit I had scoped out. Gina gave me a coupon for 20% off and a 10% tax free break. Of course me being the person I am, had to get one for Will too:

The "Mommy's Hunk" onesie will be worn on my birthday <3 I was being selfsih and couldn't help it. I figured Will would love the onesie I picked out for him =)

Apparently, I was scheduled to work on Saturday and didn't know. I was told it was ok, but then they called me in to help. I worked from like 11-4. Came home and caught up on recorded TV. It was a pretty lazy night.

Sunday, I went to watch Will bowl, then went to work with him so he could close. I was researching and messing around on Facebook LOL. I needed to do my mom a favor and get some material for a surpise for Will. He knows he's getting something Raiders because he requested it from my mom, but in Tennessee, they don't have Raiders material. So I went to Jo~Ann's to buy the material. I couldn't find one that she wans, but it turns out, the cotton is sold out, even online. So I was talking on the phone with her and then stumbled across this material:

Is this not THE cutest! I love green and Will loves yellow. I saw both of us in this to share with our son. I asked my mom if I bought this, can Mamaw [her mom] finish it? She wanted to see what it looked like, but either way I was determined to get it! It was $16.99 a yard and man is that a lot, but too cute to not get it. Thankfully, a friend of mine told me about this app the iPhone had where I could get coupons... I had a 50% off one so I got it for $8.50 off! Score! I knew it was a cute find because when I got it cut, several women complemented me on it and were asking what I was going to do with it. I actually don't know. I'd like it to be a heavier blanket, since it looks like a quilt. But I am so in love <3

That ends week 20 and now I begin week 21... Below is my pregnancy survey. Sorry this is a long post, but I was excited! Have a good one you guys!

How far along? 21 weeks today!
Total weight gain/loss: Not too sure. I was told to not have a scale while pregnant. I won't know what I weigh until I see the doc on the 30th of this month. I will add that I feel or think I am starting to look pregnant =)

Maternity clothes? Love my shorts... still fit in shirts.

Stretch marks? Just the ones I already had

Sleep: Still can't complain, I wake up to pee, that's it. Although, I must add that I am noticing more of a trend of me to wake up to either pee or turn over because my leg starts to hurt.
Best moment this week: Adding stuff to the registry... But most of all Will talking to his son. I say that because he thinks that just by laying his head on my belly and rubbing it, he's talking to him with his mind.
Movement: Will actually felt it. I guess I was asleep and he put his arm around me and felt it. I guess he thought he felt it in Vegas, but wasn't too sure... this time he felt it. I did feel it straight for a while on Thursday at work. I was giggling. I called Will to tell him and his response was "See, he's gonna be a momma's boy." Love it. But there's no guarantees! His son may envy him...I hope he does, but I don't mind him being a "Momma's Boy" =)
Food cravings: Panera Mac N Cheese!
Gender: Boy! <3

Labor Signs: Absolutely NOT thank you very much

Belly Button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? No wedding ring, but my Promise Ring still fits.

What I miss: Sweet Tea. I looked for decaffinated tea and that stuff's expensive! I might have to splurge =)
What I am looking forward to: More STRONGER movements =)

Weekly Wisdom: You don't have to take all advice, it's nice to listen. That's how I feel at least. I am open to all suggestions and I will use them as I see fit.
Milestones: Passing the half way mark!

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