Thursday, September 8, 2011

7 Years...

First off, I know I haven't blogged blogged in a while, but when I did have a post ready and clicked post, there was some kind of error and it didn't even save in drafts.... was irritated by then, that I did not want to type. I have been lazy, which I think I am entitled to =)

Anywho, it has been a very busy past 2 weeks, I guess... Work was kicking my butt, I was super dooper tired. I had every intention of posting a blog at 24 weeks, survey included, but the doctors killed it. I had an appointment scheduled for Tuesday [24 weeks, 1 day] at 10:50, but they called and cancelled the appointment. I called them back and they rescheduled, not like I had work or anything [catch the sarcasm?], at 3. Luckily I was off at 1:30...More like 2! I was super tired going there...Thankfully, they called me in right away [More on the appointment in the survey...]

Needless to say, I was so tired that day I went to sleep way before 10... before 9:30 actually and did not want to get up the next morning...I seriously CANNOT wait til I no longer have to open! It's killing me. My poor back hurts by the time I go on lunch [9 AM]. Thursday, I came home, chilled a bit and took a long, long nap... I think it was 4 hours...MUCH NEEDED! I opened Friday too, but it wasn't that bad.

Friday, went by and wasn't too bad, but there was so much chaos at work it was insane. I tried to not care so much because I am trying to not stress so much. I don't want bad things happening to my little one. I picked my buddy Star up from Starbucks and she came over for a bit and then braided Will's hair [which he DESPERATELY needed, I kid you not]. I took like an hour nap, before Will got home... We took her home afterward, and didn't get back til almost 2...Let me tell you my sleep was back to being thrown off. Saturday, I went with Krischna, to a friend's daughter's 7th birthday party. It was actually fun. Came home and lounged... That's when I attempted to blog LOL... But I added some things to my registries. I want to have as much as possible on there, to give people choices, but also to have what I could possibly want and not get at a discount =) I think I am done, unless something else comes along. Sunday, I went to my friend's son Lucas' 4th Birthday party...OMG I cannot believe he is 4...I know time is going to fly after I pop this little one out, and I am not looking forward to it, but I am going to make the most of it! Before the party, I stopped at Target to get a gift and noticed they were having a baby sale. I bought this onesie I was eyeballing and Will said he liked too... I couldn't help it:

The one I bought, is short sleeved though, so I need to get some pants and a jacket to go with it. It's my plan to bring him home in this outfit, unless something better comes along. I also got chewed out by my mother for buying it. She said I need to resist, and I know this, but I couldn't pass $4 up! I have bought like 5 onesies. I haven't went coo coo crazy, like I've seen most moms in the forums have. I am waiting to see what he scores at our baby shower in November =) I am going to buy his baby book after this blog post. I want to see that something was purchased off my registry... LOL Plus, I want to have it before the shower so that I can start some things in it. I will posts pics of it when it comes =)

I was scheduled to work on Monday and it wasn't too bad because I started at 8! So nice to sleep in and not complain I didn't want to go to work. Plus, it was a holiday so we weren't THAT busy... Tuesday came and I was in the best of moods, knowing I had 2 days off to follow... I took a mini nap and then was relieved...

Onto the reason for my title... Yesterday, Will and I celebrated our 7 YEAR ANNIVERSARY! It's hard to believe we've been together that long. Yes I know, we need to get married, but I can't force him to ask me... I do however, hope the question, or both happens soon...After all, I am having his baby! Lord knows we've had our share of ups and downs, more ups than downs, which is good and I can't wait for the years to come with our little one. I love him to death. Our friend made me all emotional yesterday. He posted this on my wall:

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! u and will seriously have been together tooooo long lol but its been great to have u guys to look up too becuz the love u share is "one in a million" (ne-yo voice)

I got all teary eyed... then Will's status impressed me:

Happy Anniversary to the love of my life, cant wait to welcome our new addition in dec...I Love You Arisha Piper : )

It was an emotional, lazy day we shared together... followed by dinner and then we came home to watch The Blind Side, which was pretty good if you ask me.

Now I am sure you're all read out, but I need to leave you with my survey:

How far along? 25 weeks, 3 days

Total weight gain/loss: At my doctor's appointment, I found out that I gained 3 pounds. Not too bad for being as far along as I am =)
Maternity clothes? Love my shorts... still fit in shirts. [same]

Stretch marks? Just the ones I already had [same and hope it stays that way!]

Sleep: I am starting to wake up every morning like clockwork to pee. So far, that's my only interruption. I don't really feel him kick, so he's either sleeping with me or it's soothing enough to keep me asleep...if that makes sense.
Best moment this week: Celebrating our 7 year anniversary... Babywise I want to mention last week at the doc, when the doc was listening to his heartbeat with the doppler, he kicked it! It was so funny... Last night, I felt a high kick or punch, that moved my arm! It's starting more and more and I am loving it!
Movement: ^^More and more and I am loving it!
Food cravings: Thanks to my friend, I have been wanting frozen yogurt and tomorrow I plan on treating myself to it! I could always go for the mac n cheese at Panera... Today we went to Costco and I had the urge for watermelon... trust me, it's never tasted so good!
Gender: Boy! <3 [not changing]

Labor Signs: Absolutely NOT thank you very much [until December]

Belly Button in or out? In [same]

Wedding rings on or off? No wedding ring, but my Promise Ring still fits. [same...I hope it stays!]

What I miss: Being able to drink tea whenever... now I need to be more cautious. I did have a bad headache this week and drank some Pepsi, which seemed to do the trick... Still pill free!
What I am looking forward to: At the doc, everything checked out fine, but I found out I was called back for another ultrasound. Everything was normal with it, but I guess some of my body tissue blocked what the doc was looking at... Nothing to worry about... I get a FREE ultrasound done again and can't wait to see him again!
Weekly Wisdom: I'm starting to cherish sleep more and more!
Milestones: I'm over the hump, showing a bit more, pics might come in the near future, and Will and I have been together for 7 years ;-)

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