Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Words cannot describe me newfound excitement! I will be posting twice this week for sure. This entry won't have a survey, the next will... Reason being is because I have my check up on Thursday [that way I can put my weight, which I am not ashamed of].

Seriously though, exciting things are happening... First, the crib is up in our room. We did have a problem with the one my mom originally got [pictured in a previous post]. When Will went to put it together, it was defective and didn't look very safe for our little boy. We took it back to Babies R Us and exchanged/upgraded [this was on the 8th of this month]. Will put the crib together, which I don't think I mentioned on here, but I am sharing a pic now:

Please ignore the floor, and the mess for that matter... But Will did good AND Uncle Jermz helped!

Second, I have been working my ASS OFF [sorry but butt just didn't fit this]. I worked 45 hours before last week and then last week worked 48 hours [8 of which were straight OVER TIME!]. Anywho, I work next door to a Kohl's and one of their employees brought us 20% off coupons for friends and family... I figured I needed to splurge and decided to go over there...Knowing I would have to by myself and myself only something because I have been forbidden from buying anything LOL. I was there for a while, but I was browsing. I found 2 pairs of maternity shorts for $4! I was browsing the baby section and came across THE cutest socks I have seen, so far... I turned it over to see how much they cost and it said 70% clearance of $1.50 so I couldn't not get them [turns out I get to the register and they scanned for $0.50!!!]

Now you see why I couldn't pass them up?!? Plus I am forgiven for buying them too! LOL my mom had told me that if I just so happened to come across something on clearance, obviously it wouldn't be around much longer and sometimes you DEFINITELY can't pass up the price... I was definitely placed in that situation...The last thing I bought was a night gown. I am now almost unable to fit comfortably in my pajama shorts so I know I am going to have to buy some night gowns. I bought a Simply Vera one, LOL I felt sort of rich, but it was on sale! Here's my receipt:

OK SERIOUSLY... HOW AWESOME IS MY SAVINGS?!? That's why I had to post.

Third, it sort of became all too real that I am having a baby yesterday. I went back for my second anatomy scan, I guess you can call it...I was calling it a free ultrasound. She got some good pics of his face, wish I had a scanner so you guys could see the cuteness...I might try and post those on Thursday. I found out he's not breached which is AWESOME... Things are going on track, I will get more detail from the doc on Thursday. Thursda I am also taking my Gestational Diabetes test. No tlooking forward to it, but thankful it's only an hour =) Jaedyn's been kicking, for what seems, non stop. Either he is uncomfortable or just happy... I don't know, but thankfully he hasn't woke me up.

I hit 28 weeks, 7 months yesterday and I CANNOT believe there's less than 3 months to go! So many people can't wait to meet this little guy, his mommy and daddy being 2 <3

Until Thursday... Have a good Wednesday!

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