Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Part 1

Geez, looking back I see I haven't posted in almost 3 weeks. Sorry. I would say I was busy, but I wasn't, ok I was busy being tired I guess. I would've posted with excitement the following week of the last post, but I guess you could say I caught a case of "pregnancy brain" because I confused the dates of the appointment and reschedule to last Tuesday [the 11th], but even that got messed up [not my fault this time, it was their's]...It was moved to Thursday [the 13th]. Trust me I wanted to post then because I became even more excited that I was having a baby, but then Friday came and I hung out with Krischna and Kaylyn, who surprised me with a bag of loot for Jaedyn <3

Here's some pics from the ultrasound:

I am so in LOVE! We say he has Will's nose and Candice thinks he has my lips. We shall see when the big day comes.

Like I mentioned, Friday after work, I hung out with Krishna and Kaylyn. We had lunch/dinner at Panda <3 Went back to her place and just hung out. She gave me a bag full of goodies! I was thinking the bag was stuff from her sis in law, who had a baby boy in July. It wasn't. There were new born onesies, 2 sets of new born outfits, 3 month white onesies, hangers, burp cloths, receiving blankets, mittens, socks, and wash cloths! Jaedyn came up! My favorite was this one:

Seriously, THE cutest!

After hanging up these clothes, I felt everything would be ok. No matter how bad our situation is, which I feel isn't, we are going to be fine because people love him!

I feel like I was being tested after that because yesterday my car crapped out on me. It starts, just won't move. Everyone is saying it's the transmission, and if it is, well I am screwed. Sort of, there's options but those don't come into play until later. But after yesterday I kept beating myself up over it because I just told myself no matter what happens, until he gets here, everything is going to be alright. IT IS, IT IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT!

Today proved it to me too... I had a scare at work. I was carrying a tray and ran into the wall! I jerked back and a pain went straight through me. Best believe I panicked! I hurried to the bathroom to see if I was bleeding. I wasn't but I was sure hurting! I called the hospital, they said come in ASAP. Will came and got me and took me and they hooked me to a monitor. Monitored him for a little over an hour. No contractions! He was moving around A LOT, you should've seen Will's face as we were listening. I have been reassured, EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OK! I was taken off the rest of the work day and can return tomorrow. I gave myself a good jolt. Baby has plenty of support, mommy didn't. I am a little sore, but I'm fine <3

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