Friday, March 5, 2010

Third Time's a Charm?

Last year when I was on the job hunt, I was getting really discouraged because I was sending out a bunch of resumes and receiving no response. My good buddy candice told me that it takes time and that people don't respond right away. Well I am feeling like that now. Last week I was called in for an interview at a very prestigious law firm. I honestly thought the interview went well because the interviewer was talking to me like I already had the job. PLUS I was dreaming that I got the job there as well [I took that as a good sign]. I haven't heard back from them, when I was told they would let me know Monday or Tuesday. On Monday Yamo's brother Kevin said it was a good sign I didn't find out right away because if you get a quick response, it's typically a rejection. That helped me stay positive.

I got a call Wednesday [I believe] to interview at a small law firm on Friday at 12:30. I took the interview and I figured that if things changed, like if I got the job at MAK, I would just cancel the email. Still nothing from them. I am not going to pass up the opportunity to get a job. PLUS if I am meant to be there, then I will get there eventually.

So today I spent the day with Will, Krischna, and little Miss. Kaylyn. They practiced and I babysat. We came back to the house and Will left to get his hair braided. Krischna and I were taking care of Avon business. At 6:20 PM my phone rings and it's a (562) number. I am thinking it's a potential customer for Avon. NOPE! It was a law firm in Long Beach wanting to know if I was still interested in being their legal assistant. She gave me a mini phone interview and I guess she liked what she heard because she set up a meeting/interview with me for Friday as well. I like what I heard about the company as well. It's a good schedule and the way I see it, it's kind of close to the house =)

So YES, I have TWO interviews tomorrow, or should I say, later today!! One is at 12:30 and then the other is at 3. I hope I make it to the second one on time. The first one is in Los Angeles. I will call if I am running late. I am so excited! And it just goes to show that it does take time for people to respond to resumes sent out. I just hate waiting. Hopefully it pays off. Now off to try and get some sleep =)

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