Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What was I thinking?

Last week I didn't work out because I was having a MAJOR case of being a woman. Felt like I was hit by a train. I started on Level 1 again with Jillian and let me tell you, my arms HATE me! It's a good hate though I am sure. I also got an email from Miller Barondess, LLP. about needing me again, but then got another one stating that the numbers aren't what they were expecting so they may not need me [my luck just keeps getting better, I say sarcastically]. HOWEVER, I did get a letter of recommendation that I HOPE will help me. I PRAY it will help me. I applied to more places and I will be applying to more. I am not giving up. I can't.

On another note, a follower of mine suggested to her followers to try SwagBucks. I am loving this site because in the end I will be able to cash in my swagbucks for FREE gift cards. If you could do me a favor and search the widget I placed below. It's just like Google and Yahoo!

Hope you guys are wearing green! Have a good one!

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