Monday, February 1, 2010

30-Day SHred: Day 24 & 25

Ok so this is funny! Today I was chatting with a friend online and I was looking at the time. I like to work out when no one is here because I feel more comfortable [however if someone is here it's fine because I can work out in my room or in the livingroom and they stay in their rooms for about 25 mins]. Anyway, I told my friend be back in a bit because I was going to work out. Then I put an away message on my AIM saying: "Working out on Day 24!" The reason it's funny is because TODAY was DAY 25!! LOL. Am I liking it so much that I am trying to do it longer? LoL

Day 24 - Last night I completed Day 24 after a trip to Olive Garden. The food was yummy and the portion was smaller. I think I deserved a trip there because I have been really good about what I am eating. Not all health nutty but portion wise. Last night was also my first time using weights, 5 pound ones to be exact. I thought I was going to die at first, but then I actually did it and felt EVEN better. I wish I had the weights starting at Day 1. Now I know that when I finish this and do other workouts I can go back to this one and do ANY Level and feel AWESOME. I mean that's my opinion. I am talking this workout up so much that people want to burn it and I am already lending it to Candice after, who is by the way starting Chalene Extreme today and I wish her the best of luck with that =)

Day 25 - TODAY! 5 more days to go. I feel like it has went by fast and I am a little bummed I skipped 3 days. I would be done Wednesday if I didn't. I mean I really liked doing these workouts but I would be done LOL. But I am proud that I haven't quit and said screw it, I was just a tad busy on those days. I found myself getting tired a little quicker doing the "mountain thrusts" and the "scissor crunches" oh man I need to not stop on these. They feel so good to do, but are taking a toll. My goal for tomorrow's workout is to NOT stop!

On a little side note, I feel, in a way, getting let go from my the job has made it easier to get this done, but I need to look for a job ASAP in the mean time I am going to focus a little more on Avon, to help out my upline manager who is my boyfriend's sister. If any of you are interested in purchasing Avon, please visit my site: you will be helping me out in a big way, this will be my only income until I find something, THANKS! Have a wonderful rest of day/night! <3

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  1. see, i would rather no one be here either. BF gets real "like why can't i stay in here" when i try to work out and get everyone to leave the room. glad i am not the only one.

    i can sympathize on the laid off part, went through two last year. its crazy but it forced me to make the decisions to do what i want to do (getting my certification to teach school) so i am hoping i am done with that by years end.

    i have booked marked your Avon page! i will pick up something as soon as my taxes come in next week.

    in the mean time, keep working out, i swear it helps with the stress. trust me, with three kids and 7 furry babies, i know stress. lol