Tuesday, February 23, 2010


A word that I am not. I am probably the most impatient person ever, well probably not, but am not very patient. Today, my patience was tested yet again. When Will and I moved in here in June 2009, I brought Queen sized bed because it's bigger than his [full] and it's new. I didn't even have it a year before my mom kicked me out and it went into storage. Anywho, I guess because the bed frame was taken apart it wouldn't be the same as it was. It's from Ikea and the frame is now weak. I cannot get in on my side, so I am stuck getting in either through the middle or before Will gets in on his side. My goal was to buy a bed with one of my checks from the firm I was working at, but those plans changed because other stuff had to be payed for. Our buddy Lee Lee told me about this place that sold mattresses for cheap. We just need a frame and a boxspring so I decided to give the place a call. They told me last week it would be $40 for the boxspring and $30 for the frame. A score if you ask me. Will found out he'd be getting his tax return this week and we agreed we could wait one more week to get the stuff. I called this afternoon and the guy told me I didn't have to go in and order it, I could just do it over the phone. He took my name, address and what not and told me it would be delivered between 6:30 and 7. Guess what! It's almost 10 PM and no boxspring or frame. Plus I called the place and the phone keeps ringing. Will came home after his first job and took the bed apart so that we could make room for the new and now we will be sleeping on the floor.

I guess I can't really complain because I can get in on whatever side I want and I will get it all taken care of tomorrow. I just hate waiting. Waiting is becoming the story of my life again. When we first moved in here and I lost my job at MySpace, I was waiting for the people to come fix what hadn't been done before we moved in. I was waiting almost everyday for someone to come and do a repair and then I was waiting to hear back from a job I had applied to. Seems like I am back in the same routine. The last time I got a good job out of it, hopefully the same thing will happen again. I will continue praying.

On another note. I started Level 2 this week again, this time with the weights, and wow are my arms sore. But I am loving the feeling of knowing that it is still working. I have been sweating so much it's crazy, but I know it's worth it =)

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  1. keep it up! i restarted at the beginning but with 5 lb and 8 lb weights (i alternate between them). my arms are killing me! if you remember i started with SOUP cans that were less than 2lbs. it gives me some pride to see the progress and it sure will keep you busy.