Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Ha ha ha! As you can see I had trouble with the title for this entry...I made some grilled chicken burgers on the George Foreman tonight, again [just in case I posted it already].

A little recap of my week. I did Level 1 last Tuesday and said I would do Level 2 on Wednesday and Level 3 on Thursday... Well that didn't happen. The boil on my thigh got the best of me. I was going to try and push through it, but it was bad [blood and all]. I decided to rest it.

Friday morning we headed to Laughlin. Crazy drive for sure! LoL Will cracked me up when he saw a sign reading "Last Chance Fuel 1/2 mile" He got all freaked out... Too funny! So we get to Laughlin and I notice it really isn't anything spectacular, sorry. Plus, we had THE worst reception ever! Like worse than where we live and let me tell you service is pretty crappy here. We had dinner with Krischna at IHOP in Arizona =) LoL Arizona is across the river. Thought I would share that. They bowled "Battle of the Sexes" and then we went to kick it with some friends.

We woke up late on Saturday. It was ok for me because I was just a spectator in Laughlin. Will was late and didn't get any practice in, but he bowled well. We also went to see Valentine's Day. It was so cute! I liked it. Will did too! If you haven't seen it, you should. Will and Krischna bowled a doubles tourney after the movie and then we just hung out the rest of the night [there's more details but I don't want to bore you].

We woke up Sunday and headed back to Cali. Man did it feel good to be coming home. On the trip home Krischna and Lee Lee [Jeremy's Aunt] came back with us [Krischna had to be at work at 3 and Lee Lee needed to make it back to league with Will and I]. That was a fun drive home. We napped before league. I thought we'd bowl pretty good, but the other team was carrying all kinds of BS! [sorry if you don't know any of this bowling lingo, but that's who I am...a bowler]. After league we [me, Will, Jerry and his girlfriend, and Will's mom] went to Chili's. I was a little uncomfortable having Will's mom with us, but it wasn't so bad. We all shared several laughs.

No workout on Monday. I figured Tuesday's a good day to workout. So today I worked out and did Level 1. I decided I am going to continue the 30-Day Shred Monday-Friday, taking the weekends off. I saw results and I think if I keep pushing that I can do it. I also need to start going back to the gym, since I am paying for it... It's just so hard going alone... Perhaps Candice can go with me? =) We shall see...

Ok I think I bored you all enough... Good night [or morning, afternoon]!

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  1. You can do it! I kinda am doing the same things, about 5 days out of 7 for working out is pretty good. On the days I take off, I try to something different, like walking or yoga.

    Keep it up!