Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Worth the "Weight(s)" ?

So like I said yesterday in my blog, I decided to work out with Jillian this week on Level 1, 2, & 3. I did Level 1 yesterday with the weights and man oh man do I feel accomplished! I did it without stopping. YES the Jumping Jacks and Jump Ropes WITHOUT stopping.

This morning... whole other story... haha I couldn't get out of bed. LoL. Well not funny. My back hurts. This isn't like the Day 1 though. No no. This is welcoming the weights. Oh and I have this boil like thing on my right thigh that is KILLING me. It hurts so bad. Making me walk like an old lady for sure. Speaking of being an old lady, the youngest girl I used to babysit, Sydney, is 9 today! I was 15 when she was born and now she is 9. What makes it worse is that her oldest sister is going to be 18 next Wednesday! Seriously where does the time go?

I figured out how to insert the pics. Candice your diections were confusing. Maybe I did it how you said, not sure. I can't believe I am posting these, here are my pics [as promised]:



The thing I liked most about this workout is that I have shape to my butt =) I have also found that my clothes are fitting a bit looser. I thing that's progress and because I am going to keep going on working out, I know these things will only get better. Hopefully you guys see the difference because there is.


  1. woo hoo! Again girlie, you look great! Keep going!!!

  2. Great job! And you are SO I have been taping and weighing in for two weeks now but no way in HELL I am gonna post pics. I can sympathize on the weights, moving to the 5 lb ones just about killed me. On level 3 I am really feeling it in between my shoulder blades and my back just aches. Hopefully the end result is better posture.