Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Great News!

So the boxspring situation was straightened out, the best it possibly could. This morning a friend of mine was being down on himself on Facebook so I tried to offer words of encouragement:

This is what he put: "never has good luck with anything in life. everything that was good just be torn apart. for some reason."

My response: "You and me both... but you gotta keep looking up and staying positive. God doesn't make you go through anything you can't handle. I am slowly learning that. Don't worry things will get better and luck your luck will change :)" After he responded with a "thank you" I also replied "No problem. Oh and remember, someone out there is going through something worse. I am trying to have a new outlook on life so that good things will happen :)"

Apparently I was right. A good friend of ours car was broken into and important stuff was taken. My point was proven. THEN I was sitting here researching possible jobs because I had got an email from this one place and was checking if it was legit. All of a sudden my cell rings. It's someone from Milstein, Adelman & Kreger, LLP.. She was requesting me to come in for an interview on Friday at 2 for the position of a Legal Assistant! WOOOO WOOO!!! I am so excited.

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  1. congrats! i seriously believe in the power of positive thought. all i had to do was listen to the audio book for the secret and i was hooked. you can create the life you want! knock it out of the park today..:) (and that new fierce body you have been working on will definately help! its all about confidence.)