Thursday, January 14, 2010

30-Day Shred: Day 8

For some reason I think I sweated just as much as Day 1, it felt like more. I thought that was crazy because it was just dripping down. I have yet to master the jumping jacks/jump rope set. I think it's funny because I was struggling with the jump ropes and now I can do those but not the frickin jumping jacks. Of all things...JUMPING JACKS?? Ha ha. I have 2 more days left with Level 1 and then I am advancing myself to Level 2. I think I am ready for that challenge.

Today I am extra sleepy and have no clue as to why. When I got to work I slept for 20 minutes in my car and feel slightly revived. I also stopped at Starbucks downstairs and got a Mocha Frap. It was the best one I have had from there, so I know I won't be going there anymore. I don't want to be disappointed =)

We're going to Vegas on Saturday for Sweeps. Leaving at 6 in the morning and coming back or should I say leaving Vegas around 6 that night. I am praying I can squeeze the work out in. It will be a late one but I have to do it. I also will have to work out early on Sunday morning so that I can be sure not to skip that. Good thing I found out we don't have to come into the office on Monday so I can also work out early as well. I am loving this. I don't think I have ever been so determined to work out! I owe this all to Candice for giving me that extra push and motivation =) Thanks Candice <3

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