Tuesday, January 26, 2010

30-Day Shred: Day 18

I am counting down the days to being done with this Level 2. I know I can advance myself anytime I want, but I set this standard for myself and I wouldl like to stick to it. Only 2 more days and I am done with this level. Honestly, I liked level 1 better.

My legs hurt a little, but have been after every workout. They feel a little crampy I guess.

I need to push myself a little more because there's only 2 days of this left and I don't know what to expect from Level 3. I think it's the plank positions that are killing me. I will survive. I just feel how Jillian wants us to feel "...like you're going to die!"

On that note...lol I am going to go live a little =)

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