Tuesday, January 12, 2010

30-Day Shred: Day 6

So I was bad and didn't work out on Sunday =( That was supposed to be my Day 6. You see the ultimate goal was to wake uo early, work out for the 20 minutes, and get ready for my day. LoL the sleep felt too good. Sorry if I repeated myself.

Yesterday at work was beyond hot. We were sent hom to work. I thought that was pretty perfect because I had plans but didn't want to leave early to work out. I worked at home until 7:30 and fired up the ps3 =) I was ready for Jillian. I must say the work out went smoothly. I am still struggling with the push-ups [but Candice tells me I will be able to do them and to trust her], I got a tad tired on the second set of jumping jacks in the cardio [the set with jump ropes], and did ALL the jump rope sets WITHOUT stopping!! I was so excited. I felt AMAZING after this workout. I also feel like it's starting to work =) My "skinny jeans" are getting loose =)

After my workout I headed to Del Rio to watch my boys in the Ebonite Invitational league. Matt Jones' girlfriend Lana asked me to practice with her. I didn't think I could bowl as much as she wanted so I just got 2 games. My legs were a bit wobbly. But I ended up adding the 2 more games =) I did pretty well too!

After work tonight I will be on Day 7; supposed to be 8 but I treated myself. . . Just remember I was dedicated enough to workout on my birthday.

BTW --I cut my hair! More like chopped. Everyone LOVES it, except me... Go figure! It'll grow on me I guess [pun intended!] =)

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