Monday, January 18, 2010

30-Day Shred: Day 10 & 11

After work on Friday, I came home, picked Will up, and we went to get the rental car. I was trying to wait to work out until he went to bed because my sister wasn't home and I knew we would have an early morning. Plus I had a load of clothes in the washer. Anywho, I completed Day 10 around 11:20 PM and I didn't feel really accomplished. I wasn't that sweaty and I gave it my all. I did however push through and was very proud of myself. I wanted to scream, but I didn't want to scare Will. LoL.

Saturday was supposed to be the start of Day 11. Notice how I said SUPPOSED. Like I said it was an early morning for us. We went to Vegas for Sweeps. I did pretty well. We had a great dinner that night as well. We left Vegas around 7:45 PM and headed back. Will slept almost the whole way home while I drove. We got back a little before 11:30 PM and unloaded our stuff for the day. My sister had just gotten home as well. I was so exhausted I didn't have the energy to work out. Plus by the time I would have started, it would have been past midnight.

I had made an appointment to get my eyebrows done at 11:40 AM on Sunday. I got up and took Will to work so I could use the rental car's gas and not my own. Came home and went back to sleep. LoL. He opened so this is before 6 AM. I woke up at like 9:30 and told myself you MUST work out. So I ended up starting at around 10. Sunday was Day 1 of Level 2....this one definitely was something. I can't even remember the moves. All that I know is I should be able to do a push up after this level and that I love the Oblique Jumping Things, the twists were good for my back. This level seemed to go a lot faster than Level 1, even though it's the same duration of time =) My left leg is a little sore today, but I feel ok.

On a little side note, I did something to my left foot. I feel like I have a cramp that will not go away. Yesterday it didn't hurt as bad, but Saturday was the worse. Hopefully, today's better. Have a good one guys!

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