Thursday, January 7, 2010

30-Day Shred: Day 2

First off let me say that I was wrong! The pain set in yesterday at about 2 PM. I think it's because I sit at work and my muscles were tensing up. I was pretty much staring at the time thinking please hurry so I can go home and do day 2. I even told my friend Candice, a big supporter/motivator of what I am doing, the pain was starting to kick in. She told me it was going to burn when I worked out today. I figured doing day 2 would take some of the pain away. . .

I figured wrong!! Should have listened to Candice! Ha ha. . . I did the work out around 8 PM and I was able to do more than I did on the 1st day. It seemed as if the jumping jacks and the jump ropes were a bit easier than the night before. I was still sweating like no other, which is good in my opinion. It also seemed as if the 20 minutes went by faster, since I knew what was coming next. So day 2 is over and I sit down after stretching and walking around a bit. I turn on this thing I caught on Bravo of The Biggest Loser and that took place in 2006. It was a battle between 2 families losing weight. So I am sitting there and Candice texts me "did you do it yet?" I told her I did and my legs were burning. I was watching the show for about 20 minutes and the phone rang. . . "OH NO" [I thought to myself] "I HAVE TO GET UP!" I was in so much pain! The good pain though. I know I am doing it right because muscles I thought I knew I had from the walking videos I was doing before this were coming out of my body and definitely letting me know they were there. I texted Candice back and told her what happen. Her response "It will all be worth it =)"

I sure hope so because I couldn't sleep on my side. Trust me I can never sleep on my back, but last night I did. This morning I did not want to get up. I literally staggered out of bed and into the shower. I should have taken my rinse off shower last night after the work out but I was talking to Will's sister, then I called Candice, and then talked to Will when he got home. I had no energy to get in the shower, I figured sleep was more important. The hot shower felt wonderful and I didn't want to get out. Then on my way to work I hear there's an accident. Sitting in traffic made me feel uncomfortable. When I got out the car to walk to the building I work in I felt like I wasn't going to make it! But I did =)

Since walking into work, I feel a smidge [a little one] better. But I feel like I was beat up! In fact I was by Jillian Michaels!! Ha ha. But hey what doesn't kill me, will only make me stronger! Hopefully after tonight the feeling starts to go away.

P.S. I don't know how people do this workout and not go straight through. . .How do you take days off? I don't want to discourage people because the workout's AWESOME. It's just everybody's body's different. Mine just needs to get adjusted ;-)

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