Wednesday, January 13, 2010

30-day Shred: Day 7

Got off work yesterday and was eager to work out. No one was home when I got home [I like it that way because I can work out in the living room without interruptions]. I changed clothes and got to it.

I did the workout ALMOST error free. The set where it's 2 minutes of jumping jacks/jump ropes is where I had a problem. HOWEVER, I did complete ALL jump ropes. SO proud of myself =) I am doing 3 more days of Level 1, then graduating myself to Level 2 on Day 11 =) I think I am ready now but I can wait.

I aboslutely LOVE the way I am feeling. I really am starting to see a difference. I feel more energized today, but I think that has to do with me getting sleep =)

Until tomorrow! Have a good morning, day, or night <3

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